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5 Essentials You Need for Crafting on the Go

We all wish we could spend more time in our craft rooms and less time running between meetings, appointments and errands. But being on the move doesn’t mean you have to stop crafting! Keep the creativity going by bringing these essentials with you wherever you go.

Sewing Machine Tote Bag

1. A craft-only container

Don’t let your notions and materials get lost in the depths of your purse or backpack. Instead, give your craft a dedicated container. Pick a simple pouch to hold sewing notions or knitting needles, then stash the pouch in your bag. Better yet, opt for one bag to hold everything in one place.

2. Your phone, tablet or computer

We’ve all been there: You’re halfway through a project and get stuck on a tricky technique or need an extra burst of inspiration. With your favorite device in hand, you’re only clicks away from a handy YouTube tutorial or Pinterest board.

Omnigrid Foldaway Cutting and Ironing Mat

3. Made-to-move supplies

Some essential craft materials — like your easel or sewing machine — aren’t terribly easy to bring around with you. Stock up with some travel-friendly materials. These foldable cutting and ironing mats are a few of our favorites!

4. A printed pattern or guide

On-the-go Internet access can be unpredictable. Instead of waiting for a signal, bring a printed version of a pattern for easy reference. Don’t need a pattern? Print one of our downloadable guides for some fast and friendly reading material.

Clover Jumbo Knitting Needle Point Protectors

5. A safe way to store your work

What’s worse than putting a project in your bag only to take it out later and see all your hard work has been undone? Keep your work in tact by storing it in a safe place — maybe a special container or pouch— or using special tools like needle or stitch holders.

What do you bring along when crafting on the go? Share in the comments!

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Vickie Komans

To keep small knitting notions organized, I have found a “lockables” 7-day pill box works well. Stitch markers, safety pins, etc. stay neat, and the compartments won’t accidentally open up & spill in the bottom of my knitting bag. I also have a mesh front, zippered pencil case to keep small tools like stitch holders, crochet hooks, and pencils contained. The mesh front makes it easy to locate items before the bag has even been unzipped. When I’m on the go, I just grab these two items and head out the door, knowing I’ve got all the tools I need!

Peggi Barrett

Years ago I splurged on the zippered case with all sizes of knitting needle tips, and flexible cables used for all kinds and sizes of projects. It also holds the various spacers, yarn needles, small scissors, etc. that are so useful. It’s very flat and fits into my yarn bag easily. I’m never caught with “time on my hands and nothing to do”……..when I remember to bring my bag!


I design wire rings and earrings from scratch. I carry 2-3 spools of wire, jewelry pliers, wire cutters, a ring mandrill, a shaping hammer & metal block… along with beads and drilled stones. I carry this to the park, or crafting events. I can create while you watch.


A friend gave me a couple of the Mary Kay roll up travel bags. There are four (4) triangle shaped zipper bags that are Velcro mounted to the main body. It is actually a cosmetic travel bag but works great for small projects or sorting tools/materials. I have one that has knitting & crochet (stitch markers, tape measures, holders, etc.) and the other I use for sewing notions I use the most.


I use a hang up travel toiletry bag with zipper compartments of different sizes to hold all the quilting supplies — it holds scissors, wound bobbins (in old pill bottles), thread, marking pencils, etc. I also keep a duplicate set of quilting tools and spare blades in it. It is kept rolled up in my “class” bag with my fold up cutting mat and my folding ruler. That way, I only have to remember the specifics I need for a particular class and not try to remember all the basics.


I crochet on the go frequently. I have about 3 projects going at any given time. In the summer it is smaller projects and in the winter it is usually a blanket or afghan. Each bag has a zipper closure and NO velcro; the pattern, a pencil, needles to sew in the ends, the correct hook, kids scissors (because they are small and blunt) and sufficient yarn for several sessions of work. As I get low on yarn I add more. I work while waiting at doctors’ appointments, during Sunday school, church sermon, movies, any time I would otherwise be sitting still as I don’t do that well.


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