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How to Sew Mitered Corners on Quilt Borders

When finishing a quilt top, many quilters like to add borders, or strips of fabric that frame a quilt. There are several border styles that can be used on a single quilt top, and one of the most popular is a mitered border. To add this sharp border to a project, all you need to know is how to sew mitered corners.

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What are mitered corners for quilt borders?

A mitered corner is one in which the corners meet in a 45-degree angle. What does that mean? Take a look at a picture frame or window frame and you will see a mitered corner. Here’s an example:

Learn how to sew mitered corners on a quilt border with this Craftsy tutorial

This is a more challenging border to create, but the angled seam is well worth the effort! This technique can be completed with some careful measuring and accurate sewing.

To begin, we will start with the basic equation used to decide how long each border side will be.

Length of quilt side + width of the border X2 + 6″ = Total Border Fabric

Let’s break this equation down into pieces.

  1. Length of quilt side. Measure the length of the side of the quilt you will sew the border to.
  2. Width of the border. How wide is your border? Multiply that times two!
  3. Plus 6”. This includes the extra fabric needed for the mitered corner on each side of the border plus the seam allowance.

Use this equation to find out the border length needed for each side of the quilt, and then cut the border fabrics to the specifications.

For example, my quilt top is 40” x 50” and my borders are 2: wide. My equation for the top and bottom border would be 40″ + 4″ + 6″ = 50″, so those two borders would each measure 2″ x 50″. My equation for the side borders would be 50″ + 4″ + 6″ = 60″, so my two side borders would measure 2″ x 60″.

Your border fabric has been carefully measured and cut; now let’s sew it onto the quilt!

Step 1: Pin the borders in place

Fold both the border and quilt top in half, marking their centers. Line the centers up and pin together. Begin by putting the ends of the quilt and border together, and then proceed to the rest.

Step 2: Sew the borders onto the quilt top

Mitered Corner Quilt Borders

Sew the border to the quilt top, starting and stopping 1/4″ away from the edge of the quilt top. Don’t forget to backstitch at each end! Repeat with all four borders.

Step 3: Mark where to sew the mitered corner

Sewing Quilt Borders Pieces Together

There are different ways to sew the borders together at this point, but I think this is the easiest. Fold the quilt top in half diagonally with right sides facing each other, creating a triangle.

Line up two neighboring borders — like the top border and the right side border for example (shown on the top right of the photo above — on top of each other with the fold of the quilt top running at a 45-degree angle between the two.

Marking Where to Sew a Mitered Corner

When these borders are lined up, grab a pencil and a ruler. Place the ruler along the 45-degree angle and extend it over the borders. Trace the angle onto the border, and pin firmly place.

Step 4: Sew the mitered corner

You are ready to sew a mitered corner! Locate the stitch line you made when you sewed the border to the quilt top, and begin sewing right there. This will ensure that you there are no gaps or spaces on the front.

Sew from the stitch line out toward the end of the border, directly on the pencil line. Backstitch at the beginning and end. Unfold your quilt top and make sure there are no gaps in the inner corner and that the border lies flat.

Step 5: Trim and press

Trim the excess border to 1/4″ and press seam. Repeat these steps with the other three corners, and then sit back and admire your lovely work!

[Want to save this post? Click here to download the PDF version, PLUS enjoy bonus tutorials for how to finish your quilts in style — absolutely FREE!]

Mitered Corners on Quilt Borders

FREE Guide: How to Finish Your Quilts in Style

How to Finish Your Quilts in Style: A FREE Craftsy Guide

Frame your quilts like the masterpieces they are! Learn how to add beautiful borders and binding today.Get My FREE Guide »


Donna S Lucas

Wow, I was just thinking about this a few weeks ago and like magic the instructions appeared in my inbox! Great instructions on how to miter border corners! THX!

Mags Lamb

It is awesome to see all these ideas and to refresh your mind at times. Thank you for all your support and sharing. The classes I’ve bought so far has been lovely and i just love them.
Please come to South Africa.

Yasmin Macan-Markar

Vow! This was very clear and seems easy. I hope I will be able to sew it this way next time.Thank you

Debbie Egbert

I’ve seen lots of guidelines on how to sew mitered corners. This is by far the easiest that I have seen. Can’t wait to try this technique.


Brilliant! Thanks so much for this tutorial, I’ve always wanted to try these. Happy ww quilting day 🙂


Great Instructions. Thanks


Nice instructions!


aaaaaaaaaaahow can I keep these how to miter border corners on my computer for future reference?


Highlight the instructions, then hit “Copy” then save it to a file. I saved it in my Word program.


Clear instructions…..I really need the visual…..Thank You!


Just what I wanted to find out…are you mind readers? I already knew how great Craftsy was from some of your classes but this was a nice surprise and free!! Thank you so much. Carolyn


You make it look so easy!


Very clear and easy.Thanks.


I see how this works, easily, for the front of the quilt. Could you include what one does next, that is, when using that border as the edging for the entire quilt? I would appreciate instructions for turning the border fabric over as the the binding. This seems tricky!


I have seen videos that instruct that the boarders are sewn together and cut before attaching to the quilt and then joined at the corners, has anyone ever done it this way before? Did it work? Thanks

Allafaye Taylor

So glad you posted this my friend just this morning ask how to miter the corners and i told it was hard for me also .Thank you for showing me the way!


great instructions and it really helps to have the pictures

Judy Sandefur


malika rahman

amazing way to finish corner.now my corner will be as perfect as yours.


Nice, easy to follow instructions.


Love the mitered corners and struggled with remembering how to make these. Thanks so much !


I only do mitered corners. Learned that from my woodworking dad. Mitered looks more professional.


Thanks for the great tutorial! I just finished my quilt top and all four corners turned out perfectly. Your instructions were the most simple and straight forward ones I found and your photographs helped a lot, great job 🙂

Deanna Warren

Ty, ty, ty! I had never made a nice looking mitered corner, until reading and following your instructions! They look Great! Thanks again!

Joan Partridge

WONDERFUL. Many thanks. Just when I needed it


just when I needed this,great tutorial . thanks

Zura Borden

Thanks so much. It certainly seems easy. I can’t wait to give it a try.


I have these borders in 2 different colours but how do you put mitred binding on it.


Oh my gosh! Just did this on a triple border and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much!!


I worked perfectly and my border was a border print which made it crazier. Thank you !!!


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