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75+ Amazing Machine Quilting Things You Need to See

Quilt all your projects in sophisticated style with these essential machine-quilting posts! We’ve gathered more than 75 of our best tutorials, classes and more to help you easily embellish your quilts with gorgeous designs, no matter your level of experience. Dive in, and prepare to be delighted!

75+ amazing machine quilting things you need to see

With these tips, anyone can machine quilt!

Machine quilting basics

If you’re interested in machine quilting but don’t have a lot of experience, these posts are the perfect place to start! From can’t-miss classes to essential tutorials on using your walking foot, stitching straight lines and more, you’ll find everything you need to succeed at quilting.

Start Machine Quilting
  1. Why You Should Learn Machine Quilting
  2. Start Machine Quilting
  3. Machine Quilting in the Ditch
  4. Which Machine Feet Do You Use for Quilting?
  5. Stitch in the Ditch: How to Properly Use a Quilting Presser Foot
  6. Your Questions Answered: How to Use a Walking Foot
  7. Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot
  8. Tips and Tricks for Better Straight-Line Quilting
  9. Quilting in the Hoop 3 Ways
  10. Machine Quilting Negative Space
  11. Contemporary Quilting: 5 Tips for Using Negative Space
  12. Set Yourself Free With 6 Tips for Freehand Machine Quilting
  13. Freestyle Quilting Instructions: Practice Makes Perfect
  14. Machine Quilting Designs for Borders: 5 Must-Have Tips
  15. Machine Quilting Beautiful Borders
  16. Machine Quilting with Templates
  17. How To Quilt Square Borders Using Templates
  18. How To Quilt Circle Borders Using Templates
  19. Make Machine Quilting Your Business
  20. Machine Quilting: Free-Motion and More!
  21. Beyond Basic Machine Quilting
  22. Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine
  23. Small Machine, Big Quilts, Better Results
  24. Machine Quilting Wholecloth Quilts
  25. Stitch Savvy: Creative Machine Embellishments

Free-motion quilting

Experience the fun and creative freedom of free-motion quilting! Here, you’ll discover free-motion techniques and tutorials from Leah Day and other experts, as well as inspiring ideas for quilting samplers using your domestic machine and troubleshooting common issues.

Start Free-motion Quilting
  1. What is Free-Motion Quilting?
  2. 10 Beginner Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting
  3. 5 Tips to Get You Started with Free-Motion Quilting
  4. Start Free-Motion Quilting
  5. Free-Motion Quilting Essentials
  6. Yes, You Can Free-Motion Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine!
  7. Ask an Expert: Free-Motion Quilting Answers with Leah Day
  8. Ask an Expert: Even More Tips for Free-Motion Quilting With a Regular Machine
  9. Free-Motion Quilting on Your Home Machine: 5 Basic Steps to Success!
  10. 5 Must-Have Tips for Machine Free-Motion Quilting
  11. Go Beyond Stippling in Freestyle Quilting: Fascinate with Spirals!
  12. 5 Ways to Make a Sampler of Free-Motion Quilting Motifs
  13. Free Motion Quilting a Sampler
  14. 5 Common Free-Motion Quilting Problems and How to Fix Them
  15. 6 Features You’ll Want In A Free-Motion Quilting Sewing Machine
  16. See It in Action: Free-Motion Quilting
  17. The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting
  18. Free-Motion Quilting With Lines, Curves & Loops
  19. Fearless Free-Motion Quilting
  20. Free-Motion Quilting with Feathers
  21. Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1
  22. Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2
  23. Ultimate Free-Motion Quilting

Longarm quilting

If you love longarm quilting you’re in for a treat! We’ve collected an array of our best longarm posts, from a free class to a collection of eye-catching motifs to try on your next project.

  1. Beginner Longarm Quilting Designs and Ideas
  2. How to Load a Quilt on a Longarm Machine
  3. Longarm Quilting: Helpful Tips for Choosing & Creating A Quilt Design
  4. Starting a Longarm Quilting Business
  5. A New Look at Longarm Quilting
  6. All About Longarm Quilting Rulers


Add machine quilting to your appliqués for stand-out results! These posts will help you achieve beautifully stitched appliqués to adorn any project.

Machine-Finished Hand Applique
  1. Machine Quilting Around Appliqué
  2. Appliqué Quilting by Hand or Machine
  3. Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué


Don’t feel daunted when it comes to finishing your quilt on your home machine — just check out these posts and find out how to do just that with ease!

  1. Finishing From Cutting to Binding: How to Machine Quilt

Designs and patterns

Explore this round-up of beautiful machine-quilting designs! You’ll find elegant ideas for filling negative space, adorning log cabin quilts and much more.

  1. Machine Quilting Designs for Beautiful Baby Quilts
  2. Machine Quilting Designs for Log Cabin Quilts
  3. Beautiful Machine Quilting Patterns for Beginners
  4. Machine Quilts You Don’t Want to Miss
  5. Filler Designs for Free-Motion Quilting
  6. From Novice to Expert: 6 Free-Motion Quilting Designs Any Quilter Can Do
  7. 5 Impressive Free-Motion Quilting Background Ideas You Must Try!
  8. Machine Quilting the Home Sweet Home Quilt

Supplies & references

For extra tips and ideas, check out these handy posts.

  1. Should You Use Gloves For Quilting? 5 Reasons Why We Vote Yes!
  2. What Are Mid-Arm Quilting Machines?


SW Ohio Quilter

I am so grateful for all the classes I have taken with craftsy. Your instructors are great!

Marilyn Woolley

My computer died and I lost all my downloaded patterns.


You really shouldn’t have. If you look under your account all the patterns, classes, and projects will be there so you can download again. I know the feeling, my home was broken into and he stole my computers.

P Coleman

Buy and auxiliary plug in drive; save all your downloads to the drive only. Its portable and you can move from computer to computer. Sorry you lost your treasures!


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