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Leah Day’s Quilting Study: 3 Creative Ways to Hang Your Quilts

I’ve been quilting long enough to notice a natural progression: When I first began quilting, I was only interested in making bed quilts. As each bed gained two to three quilts apiece, I naturally began creating smaller wall hanging-style quilts instead. It was nice to be able to enjoy my quilts beyond my bedroom and develop skills more quickly on smaller projects.

But how do we hang our quilted wall hangings up? What is the best method that requires the least amount of effort and won’t do permanent damage to our walls? In this post I’m going to investigate three hanging systems and their pros and cons to help you decide the best method to hang quilts in your home.

Let’s get hanging!

quilt-hanger-duchess-reignsDuchess Reigns hung on an Allen Roth curtain rod

Quilt Hanging Method 1: Curtain Rod

A heavy curtain rod can be a great way to hang quilts of all sizes on your walls. Most curtain rod systems are adjustable, so even king-sized quilts could be potentially hung on a wall, and the decorative curtain rod ends can even add to your quilt design and the appearance on the wall.

The upside is curtain rods are super easy to find at your local hardware store or Walmart. If your quilt is less than 48 inches wide, it will likely fit on a smaller curtain rod that costs less than $20. However, if your quilt is wider, or particularly heavy, it’s a good idea to go with the thickest, heaviest curtain rod you can find.

quilt-hanger-curtain-rodThese Allen Roth rods are great for heavier quilts because they can carry the weight through the middle of the rod without sagging.

One major downside to hanging quilts with curtain rods is the hardware. If you have typical walls covered in drywall you have to drill holes and install anchors before attaching the curtain rod holders on both ends. If these are installed incorrectly you could end up with many more holes in your walls than necessary.

So the upside of curtain rod holders is the smaller size can be inexpensive and the large size can hold heavy quilts, but the downside is it requires drilling permanent holes in your walls.

Quilt Hanging Method 2: Magnet System

Magnificent Quilt has created Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers, a quilt hanging system that secures your quilts to the walls using extremely powerful magnets. The magnets are attached to the wall using typical Command adhesive strips so these can be installed just about anywhere in your home.

quilt-hanger-magnetBut everything you need to hang your quilt isn’t included in the package. You’ll need to go to the hardware store and pick up several of the metal strips shown on the right.

magnetic-quilt-hangersThese are strips of galvanized metal used in construction and should be easy to find at your local hardware store. The galvanized metal will be attracted to the magnet and hold securely.

I was always at a loss as to how to hang a quilt with this system until I saw it demonstrated at the recent MQX East show. Using Amazing Tape, the metal bands were taped together to create the hanging rod, then inserted into your quilt’s hanging sleeve. When held against the magnets, it locked securely to the wall.

express-your-love-quilt-hangerExpress Your Love hung with Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers

So Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hangers have the upside of hanging quilts of all sizes without damaging your walls, but you’ll need to find the galvanized rods to hang or attach metal plates to a wooden rod, like a yardstick, to make it magnetized.

Quilt Hanging Method 3: Hang Tiny Quilts on Beaded Jewelry

This final method is really only applicable for very narrow wall hangings or table runners that are small enough to not need a sturdy rod across the top. This method is definitely the cheapest – just insert your favorite beaded necklace or bracelet into a small hanging sleeve on the back and hang your quilt on any nail or hook in your home!

necklace-hanger-chakra-wall-hangingThe upside is you could display two pieces of your work (quilt and jewelry) at once! You could even bead the necklace to to match the color or design within the quilt. I used a beautiful necklace my son strung for me and loved seeing it displayed on the wall.

hanging-chakra-wall-hangingChakra Wall Hanging hung on a beaded necklace

As you can see, we have many creative ways to display our quilts on our walls. Do you have quilts hanging on your walls? Which method have you used to hang them? Share your quilt hanging experience in the comments below!

Let’s go quilt,

Leah Day

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I use the magnets and bought a cheap white expandable rod from Walmart. Worked great. Stuck to the magnets very easily. You can also use large washers attached with safety pins. I will be getting more magnets in the near future for more hanging areas.

Sylvia Earl

I also use a curtain rod with my magnetic hanger. I hung a mini with a piece of baseboard cut to the width of the quilt and a hole drilled in the center, and then a used sewing machine needle for the hanger. The needle is strong and makes a small hole in the wall.


You are still the Duchess of all things quilting! Thanks for the info. I definitely needed this for a current wall quilt with matching bed runner. I’d also like to frame one block to “top it off”..

Dorothy Thiessen

Great ideas, I am just getting to the point of having places for my quilts. I do most of my quilts for Romania – our church sends them over there. They are mostly scrappy quilts and are much appreciated. Thanks for the hints.


I made a baby crib size quilt and bought giant closepins at AC Moore for $1 each. Painted them and hung the baby quilt. Works on a small quilt.


I have a very heay handmade quilt that was made for me many yearrs agp. Now I want to hang it over a window that is covered by a blind. Are the magnets hard on the material of the quilt and are they expensive…I live on an l8000 acre cattle ranch in Florida and the colors of this quilt would be so beautiful with the decor of my home. Please help. Kati


How high from the floor do I hang a large quilt.

Rosemary Walden

See reply below.


My husband took a large dowel and attached rounded wood balls to the end. He then made 2 brackets out of wood, so that the back flat end rests against the wall, and the front is scooped out and cradles the dowel. It looks wonderful. The quilt is queen size.

But now, (15 years later) I want to put up more quilts. Husband is too busy so I am going to try curtain rods.
I too wonder how high from the floor do I hang a large quilt.

Rosemary Walden

I would suggest centering your quilt in the space between ceiling and floor. Then move the quilt up about five inches so that there is more space between the quilt and the floor. This idea is the same as when cutting a mat for a painting. I always cut the bottom part larger. It gives the appearance of giving the painting something substantial to “stand on.”

Karen Million

This article did not explain what to do to the quilt itself. Anyone can hang a curtain rod but what’s happening on the back of the first quilt in your article? In the 2nd example, anyone can hang Command Strips with magnets but what’s happening to the back of the quilt?

Darla stahl

How do hook rods to magnets


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