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Wall Hanging Quilts: Learn to Hang Your Quilts

Quilters spend a lot of time and energy creating the perfect wall hanging quilts. So why stab it with a bunch of thumbtacks? Treat your hard work kindly by hanging it the correct way. It will look better, and not sustain damage! In this free video tip, Beth Ferrier, instructor of the online quilting classes Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué and Oh My Stars! Six Pieced Blocks, shows you how!

How to hang a wall quilt

Hi, I’m Beth Ferrier, a quilting instructor on One of the things that we struggle with sometimes when we finish our wall hanging quilts is how are we going to hang them? Sometimes we resort to thumbtacks through the quilt into the wall—not the best way to hang our quilts.

So instead, I use this quick easy little way to not only get my quilt on the wall, but to have it hang straight and beautiful. So this is a little sample left over from my Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué class and I want to put my wonderful little pocket wall hanging system on it.

1. So the first thing I need to do is decide which end is up. Once I’ve done that I will start with 4-inch squares of fabric. And if I have leftovers I match the fabric; if not, I use whatever falls under my hands.

2. The 4-inch squares are then pressed into triangles and we will align those triangles on the two upper corners so that our bouquet will hang right-side up.

3. And then these are machine basted in place and then our binding is added to the quilt.

4. Once we’ve got that done then its a simple matter of using an X-Acto knife to score a yardstick to the proper length. Apply Command Velcro Wall Hanging Strips to the ruler and then slip that ruler right into the pocket, just so.

5. From here all we have to do is flip it over and use the Command Strip to stick it to the wall.

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Very nice tutorial, great method! Thanks!


Thanks so much for the Tutorial on Hanging Your Quilt! Very clever!


Great idea on hanging small quilts – and very simple as well. Thanks..


Thank you for tutorial.

Barb R

I first learned of this technique last summer – it’s brilliant!


I would like to call you on classes, I do not use my crediut card on the internet
Do you a have a telephone number I can use?


Great idea, thanks. I have always used sleeves but this is easier, unless the quilt is going to be in a show. But, does the Velcro come off the wall easily?


Yes, the command strips come easily. I use the command hooks for hanging most everything in my sewing room.


I have used this system for wall hangings many times. Instead of a yardstick, my husband cuts a small dowel rod to length and I insert that into the pockets. To hang this on the wall, I press a used machine needle (we all have those!) into the wall and hang the dowel on the needle. I also include a machine needle with a gifted wall hanging as not everyone has such a supply.

If you need to move the needle, it leaves such a tiny hole that it won’t even require a patch up.


thanks for the information for hanging wall hangings. it will be very beneficial as I have several wall-hangings that need completed.

Denise Ericksen

Genius idea! Thanks so much for sharing.


I confess that I hung my Santas wall hanging up with push pins as it wasn’t completely finished in time for Christmas! That is a great idea and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Thanks.


Did this today. First I ever did a wall hanging. I had a Cross Stitch piece (1987) and I wanted to do a quilt wall hanging for it. Thank you Beth. Now my Counted Cross Stitch can be display in a new way.


Thanks for this! It looks like a great way to hang quilts. I can’t wait to try it. I have a quick question. Does this work with any size quilt or do bigger quilts tend to sag in the middle? Thanks!


Is there a size limit for using this method?

Ida Reyes

Will this work on a larger quilt than the tutorial?


Thank you, this looks so simple and I’m off to the hardware store to get some strips of wood now! I’m just back from India with several wall hangings and had no idea how I was going to hang them until I found your tutorial.


Thankyou for this tutorial I love the way this looks!


Hi I have a larger wall hanging and I would like to hang it on a diangional . Can I use your method?


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