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Keep It Together: The Best Fusible Products for Quilters

Fusible products such as Shape Flex, Fusible Fleece and Lite Steam-A-Seam 2, can help quilters stabilize and fuse fabrics for appliqué and quilting projects. Follow these tips for choosing the best fusible for quilting and for using fusible for appliqué!

Divided Basket Pattern

The Divided Basket Pattern calls for Shape Flex and Fusible Fleece to provide shape and stability.

Shape Flex

Shape Flex is a woven, all-purpose fusible interfacing, which is ideal for many sewing projects. It is commonly used in collars, cuffs and facing for garment construction, but it is also an essential interfacing for quilters.

Shape Flex works best when fused using a hot iron combined with a damp press cloth. It is best if you use a steam iron with a metal sole plate. Place the fusible side of Shape Flex to the wrong side of the fabric, cover with a damp press cloth, and then use a hot iron on the “wool” setting. Keep the iron in place for 10 seconds, repeating until all areas of the interfacing have been fused to the fabric.

Quilted Bag

The One Piece Bag Pattern uses Fusible Fleece.

Shape Flex is the perfect fusible interfacing for appliqué and to use as a backing for embroidery blocks when piecing quilts with stitchery. Simply mark stitching lines on your fabric using a light box prior to fusing the Shape Flex to the wrong side of the block. The Shape Flex gives stability to the background fabric so the embroidery will not pucker the fabric.

Shape Flex may also be used when making quilted bags and accessories. The addition of the Shape Flex interfacing to a pieced, patchwork or one-piece outer bag fabric makes the fabric more stable and gives a professional finish to the completed bag.

Many quilters use Shape Flex in combination with other fusible products when even more body is desired. When combining Shape Flex with other fusible interfacings, such as Fusible Fleece, first fuse the Shape Flex to the wrong side of the fabric before adding the Fusible Fleece.

Fusible Fleece

Fusible Fleece may be purchased by the yard at fabric and craft stores.

Fusible Fleece

Fusible Fleece is a 100% polyester fleece material that easily irons to fabric for use in quilted accessories and home decorating projects. Use Fusible Fleece to add an extra layer of softness to items like quilted Christmas stockings, quilted bags and totes, nursery accessories, and quilted notebook covers.

To fuse Fusible Fleece to the wrong side of a piece of fabric, first place the Fusible Fleece fusible side up on the ironing board. Place the wrong side of the fabric next to the fusible side of the fleece (right side up) then use a hot iron to fuse the pieces together. After the Fusible Fleece has been fused in place you can add quilting if desired.

Quilted Christmas Stocking

Fusible Fleece may be used for quilted home decor projects such as Christmas stockings

Lite Steam-A-Seam 2

Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 is a double stick light fusible web product that can adhere temporarily on both sides or bond permanently when ironed. This fusible product is most commonly used by quilters for appliqué work. Because it is a light product, quilters can achieve a soft appliqué finish without having unnecessary stiffness. This product is fusible on both sides and has removable paper liners on each side.

Quilted Flowers

Many quilters like to use Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 to stabilize appliqué before stitching.

To fuse, begin by tracing your fusible appliqué design onto one of the paper linings. Remove the paper lining without the traced design, and iron the fusible material to the wrong side of your fabric. Be sure that your iron plate does not come into contact with the fusible material. You should iron on the remaining paper backing. Cut out the appliqué design around the drawn lines. Finally, remove the remaining paper backing and fuse in place where desired. Edges may be left raw or enclosed with a buttonhole or zigzag stitch.

Be sure to check out Bluprint’s newest appliqué class, Fun with Fusible Appliqué to discover the amazing possibilities available when you use fusible in your quilting!

Do you have a favorite tip for using fusibles for quilting?


Lady Rags

Why has STEAM A SEAM 2 become impossible to find? Talking to internet friends they are all saying they have not been able to purchase it… always on back order at the shop.. it works better than other brands for many projects but we can no longer find it available at any of the shops.

Janet Gerald

I am having a hard time finding Steam A Seam 2. It is by far the best product that I have used for applique. Is there any place that you would recommend where I could purchase this product.

Korene fuller

i just now googled steam a seam 2 and several sites popped up selling this. I wondered if you had already tried those places online?


I am one of those people who very much enjoy Fusible batting.not as of yet but I would like to thank you for your help for your help


I am one of those people who very much enjoy Fusable batting


I just finished a project (10 church banners) which required using over 20 yards of steam a seam II by Pellon. it is a great product as it requires no sewing. the steam a seam lite allows good stick for sewing. The main purpose of this product is that the double sided feature gives you the ability to reposition your cut out shapes for perfect placement and not have them shift or wiggle out of place as you begin to fuse them down. You are making fabric color forms! Sadly the instructions are vague. One side is extremely sticky which needs to be the first side fused. Removing the paper is next to impossible unless you lightly score the back of the paper with a scissors after fusing. Then the paper is easily removed and you have a great fabric sticker. my call for help to the Pellon info line went unanswered. I found this tip on a YouTube video. It was so convenient to buy off a bolt for my big shapes but was not able to find more to finish my project so I had to piece together sheets from the packages. it took a lot of patience to figure this product out especially Given the fact that many applique shapes must be traced in reverse and the different sticky levels of each side of the product. I found the direction unclear if not backward! Even this article won’t commit to what side of the paper to trace your shape. The packaged sheets offer a grid side and a blank side of paper. the bolt product offers a dull and a shiny side of paper. I hope the company will come up with instructions as wonderful as the product! persevere crafters! it was worth the learning curve aggravation.


I have used fusible fleece and decor bond when making handbags. Had never thought of using shape flex before. All work great!


I am making a bed runner with fusible fleece using Pellon 987F. Since I am new at quilting, I need to know if I have to quilt the runner or is fusing it enough of a hold? Now, I do need to tell you that I am doing QAYG on this runner but the largest piece is 8.5″ x 11.5″. Is that too big of an area NOT to have any quilting even though it is bonded/fused and stitched to the next piece? Yikes, thanks for any help that you can offer, it is greatly appreciated.

One more question: How does Heat N Bond LITE compare to Steam A Seam 2? I have only used Heat N Bond because I couldn’t find SAS2 in large enough sheets or on a roll.


I have just used fusible fleece for the first time and it is all wrinkly on the fabric side. I placed it glue side up and then fabric on top and ironed with a dry iron on cotton setting. What can cause this problem ?

thanks, Joanne


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