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From Novice to Expert: 6 Free-Motion Quilting Designs Any Quilter Can Do

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced free-motion quilter, you probably have some free-motion designs that are your favorites. From simple stipple quilting to more elaborate patterns like quilted feathers, the free-motion quilting design you choose can have a huge impact on your finished project. There are plenty of beginner free-motion quilting designs to keep you busy, from wavy lines to spirals and swirls. But perhaps it’s time to expand your repertoire with a few doable yet fresh free-motion patterns.

Here’s a look at six approachable free-motion quilting designs that you can incorporate into your projects. These patterns are simple to draw and that means that just about anyone can learn to quilt them.

So regardless of how long you’ve been free-motion quilting, you can try one of these designs on your next quilt!

Meandering stitch
Photo via Lindsay Sews

Meandering stitch

One of the most basic free-motion quilting designs that beginners and advanced quilters enjoy is the meandering stitch. Formed by organic, rounded “U” shapes that never intersect, this continuous line quilting stitch is versatile and gives quilts of all styles a great finished look and texture. This Jewel Tones Mini Quilt utilizes the meandering stitch in the background and not the triangles for a dramatic contrast.

Get the Jewel Tones Mini Quilt Pattern here.
FMQ Loopy Flowers

Loopy flowers

These loopy flowers are a playful free-motion quilting design with a dynamic impact. Make sure to leave plenty of space between your floral centers, so you have room to fill out the flower pattern. You can learn how to form these flowers and practice connecting units to each other in Start Free-Motion Quilting with Elizabeth Dackson.

Click here to join the Craftsy class Start Free-Motion Quilting.

Naomi's Baby Quilt
Photo via Craftsy member patz in suffolk

Flowers with petals

Naomi’s Baby Quilt shows off an example of a flower design that’s easy for beginners to quilt. This daisy free-motion quilting design features six tear-drop-shaped petals and a stem that connects to other loopy lines. When trying flower designs, it’s helpful to practice making petals of the same size, one after the other, that point in different directions.

Glass Half Full Quilt - Orange Framed Tumbler
Photo via Craftsy member Lindsay Sews

Free-Motion Rectangles

This is a modern free-motion quilting design that is easier than it looks. Think of it as making loops without the curves. Geometry lovers will enjoy quilting interlocking squares and rectangles using one continuous line. Take a closer look at this quilting style on the Glass Half Full quilt pattern.

Get the Glass Half Full Quilt Pattern here.

Modern Pods Woodgrain FMQ
Photo via Craftsy member Malini

Wood Grain Quilting

If you’ve ever tried quilting with wavy lines, it only takes a slight adjustment to turn this design into a wood grain pattern. The Modern Pods quilt shows this off beautifully, with several sections of wood “knots” surrounded by wavy lines that resemble the pattern of a tree. This design was created as part of Machine Quilting Negative Space with Angela Walters.

Click here to sign up for the Craftsy class Machine Quilting Negative Space.

Cherry Pie Quilt
Photo via Lindsay Sews


If you can quilt a stipple design, you can learn to quilt pebbles. These overlapping circles are connecting in one continuous line, and they often circle back around on top of each other. You can get a closer look at pebble quilting in the Cherry Pie Quilt. You can vary the size of the pebbles from large to minuscule in different areas of your quilt to add interest.

What are the free-motion quilting designs you’ve been itching to try?


Monica Needham

hi I am new and I think this is a great sight I will have to get a printer.

Donna Norman

I’ve been sewing for a while and I love how I still learn something new everytime!

Gisela Conner

God tips .One is never to old to learn something new.


What is the name of the pattern for the top block?

ElShegal Diabendia

I am a wife to a 100% disabled veteran. We are lower middle class and can’t afford these classes for myself. Is there any way at all you can help a new and excited beginner have these classes complimentary? I know its asking if lot nut I’m SO excited to have something of my own. I am his stay at home caregiver, therefore cannot work outside the home. I pray that there’s a way to allow a “desperate housewife” to enjoy her new chosen craft. I could only affor the cheapest Singer machine, but I’m so thankful for saving for it. I believe in Craftsy with all my heart and absolutely LOVE the free you tube tutorials but I would LOVE diving in the deep end! Well… Slowly, that is, LOL. YOU MUST understand my non life as it is now. I love my husband dearly! That’s why I’m making sure he gets the best care I can give. AND THATS MY CARE!!! I could work, but all the money would go to someone else doing MY job! Taking care of him!! He has undergone 18 surgeries and I know every detail of his care. I wouldn’t trust anyone but me. I’m sure you can understand that.
Anyway, back to my begging. LOL!! Is it possible? I’m very nervous as it is to make an apron!, for petes sake! So I need help. Please send my letter to the owner of this website so it can be reviewed.
Here’s hoping I can learn from the best!!!
ElShegal (I go by Elle)
ps. Thanks again!


Hi, I didn’t see a reply to your question: but this might help.

I go to You Tube and watch all the demonstrations (tutorials) it really has helped me learn a lot.

A couple are: Missouri Quilt Company, The Midnight Quilter, All Free Crafts
Just type in the search Quilting Tutorials and there are many many, you can get hooked on watching them all — from Basic to just plain fun.

Hope that helps! Its really expensive for fabric here in Canada, some as high as $22.95 a metre, I only buy when on sale, & use new queen or king size sheets for the backing –I get those on sale as well and stock up —- Good Luck with your Adventures in Quilting!

Lilian Krebs Santos

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