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Make This FREE Quilt Pattern in a Flash (With No Wasted Fabric!)

Make this super easy and impressive Framed Nine-Patch Quilt using the fast, no-waste method below. This method uses 6” strip pre-cut bundles, but you could easily use up scraps or strips already in your stash. 

Framed Nine-Patch Quilt

I used Boundless Batiks in the Sunrise colorway for this tutorial. Plenty more colorways are available here.

Boundless Batik Sunrise QUilt

This method makes two blocks at a time so there will be no leftovers or waste at all! And because it makes two blocks at a time these will sew up twice as fast. So let’s get started.

Cutting instructions for each PAIR of blocks:

Strips of Batik Fabric
  • Cut 6 strips: 2” x 6” from a light fabric
  • Cut 6 strips: 2” x 6” from a dark fabric
  • Cut a 5” section from the roll, then cross-cut it into four strips, each 1½” x 5”
  • Cut a 7” section from the roll, then cross-cut it into four strips, each 1½” x 7”

So, you’ll end up with a total of twelve 2″ x 6″ rectangles (half light, half dark) for the nine-patches, plus four 1.5” x 5” rectangles and four 1.5″ x 7″ rectangles for the frames.

Sewing instructions:

Strip Sets

Step 1:

Sew the light and dark strips together into sets of three, alternating color. Press the seams toward the dark colors.

Step 2:

Stacked Strip Sets

Layer the strips on the cutting mat, off setting them a bit to prevent the seams from being directly on top of one another. 

Cut Strip Sets

Cross-cut these strip sets into three units, each 2” wide.

Step 3:

Sew the strip sets together, alternating them so they create a nine patch. Press the seams to one side.

Step 4:

Sewing A Framed Nine PatchArrange the framing strips as shown above. Sew the two 1½” x 5” strips to opposite sides of the block. Press the seams toward the strips.

Then, sew the two 1½” x 7 ” strips to the remaining two sides of the block. Press the seams toward the strips.

Step 5:

Trim the block to exactly 7″ x 7″ if needed.

Repeat with the second block, using the remaining pieces.

Framed Nine Patch Block

How to use the framed nine-patch blocks

The finished framed nine-patch will be ready to sew into any project you wish. It would make a cute mug rug all by itself. Sew 3 pairs and make a tiny doll quilt. Sew 4 pairs and make a pretty table runner. Or sew 18 pairs like I did and make a lovely wall hanging.

Framed Nine Patch Quilt

With 36 blocks, this quilt can be made by sewing six rows of six blocks each. Sew the rows together to create a quilt that measures 39” x 39”. But no need to stop there — keep going and make any size quilt you prefer! This method is so fast and fun, you’re sure to want to keep going.

Precut Fabric

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Jan T

How many bundles will I need to ?am A a twin size quilt?


Love this one, thank you

Crystal Conrad-Kauffman

Beautiful pattern!
For the math challenged (me!), how many precut 6 inch strips do you need to make this quilt at the size of 39X39? And is there an easy way to figure out how many more you would need for a larger size? I am sorry to ask what can probably be figured out with pencil and paper or a calculator – I’m just no 100% sure how to do that? Thank you!


I would like to make a queen size quilt. Would I need 3 pkgs worth of the 6″ strips. I figure I will need 13 squares across and probably 16 squares down. I am just not exactly sure of how many packages to buy. Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Sew Happy

I like the pattern. I thought I was good at reading a pattern. The cutting instructions for this pattern are not clear. Not sure how to cut the framing pieces. happy there is not waste.

Sheryll Seidel

The pattern says after nine patch is made, frame by cutting and sewing on two 1 1/2″ x 5 ” strips, on 2 opposite ends. Then sew 1 1/2″ x 7″ strips on the other two ends. Trim the entire block to 7 x 7 inches.

Jena Walter

Just wondering if you really mean 2″ strips. Most precuts, including the one you have advertised are 2 1/2″ strips. Are we really supposed to cut them down to 2″?

Sheryll Seidel

The designer of the quilt said to use 6 inch strips (which can be purchased in collections of fabrics,) and cutting them into 3 -2 inch strips is what they do. If you want to use a jellyroll, you could, but it would alter the size and pattern repeats would differ. However, it could still be very pretty.

Barbara Corbitt

How many sets would I need


I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who has trouble with these calculations! My late husband (an engineer) used to do this part for me!

Kathy Knowlton

Where’s the download button?


The beauty of this pattern is that no template or printable is necessary! Everything you need is right here in the tutorial.


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