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Enter to Win the Ultimate Quilting Bag! (A $100 Value)

A good organizer goes a long way — that’s why we’re teaming up with Angela Walters of the Midnight Quilt Show to give one lucky winner the Yazzii Crafter’s Companion (a $100 value). Complete with plenty of pockets and a “crafty” design, it’s the ultimate stow-and-go bag… even when you’re not on the go. And it’s never been easier to enter!

Yazzii Crafter's Companion Giveaway

How to Enter

1. Watch the newest episode of Midnight Quilt Show on YouTube. (Angela creates a gorgeous rainbow medallion quilt!)

2. Hit the “subscribe” button below the video to keep up with new episodes.

3. Leave a comment on YouTube telling Angela what quilty essentials you would pack in your bag!

All subscribers of the Craftsy YouTube channel who comment on the episode will automatically be entered to win! 

Enter on YouTube >>

*Please note, the deadline to enter this giveaway is 9/19 at 11:59 pm MST. A winner will be chosen at random and notified via YouTube.


Connie K.

Angela: Thanks for all of your fun tutorials. I’m taking classes on my new long arm
quilting machine (so exciting) I’d pack my supplies for the class in the Yazzii Crafters
Companion. It would be so helpful when transporting everything. Thanks for a chance to

Linda Smith

And don’t forget fuzzy slippers!

Deborah Head

Idk where to leave a comment on utube to win the Yazi Bag Angela is giving away.
Thank You

Allison G

Under the video there should be a bunch of other peoples comments at the top of the comments it will say comments you will probably have to click on the word comments and a box should appear. That’s what happens on my tablet.

Laura Somers Somers

I would pack m&m’s. Goes good with wine.

Mary Sue

I haven’t been to a quilt retreat though do take classes and a case for all my supplies would be great..there is thread, scissors, foldable mat with area for ironing, cutting tool, travel iron, pins, clips, markers, pencil, template material, notepad, material, pattern, spray…am I forgetting anything? Travel alarm so I don’t miss any fun activities, etc. Not sure about games though I did see a video of the quilters macaroni once and I think that would be fun to do to get up in between for a bit is stretching and movement. I sure I forgot something, but these are basics for me. I liked your glasses and yes a small corkscrew could be handy.

Anne Dirks

I have never been to a retreat or even taken a class. So I gave a class to 19 ladies from our church. They each completed a quilt, complete with FMQ! A bag like this would be wonderful. Thanks for a chance.

Sandy Scott

Thanks,so much.. The y seams don’t look so scary. I feel I won, I would do my bag like yours,except I would pack pina colada. I’m not a drinker but love one every year or so. Lol

Rebecca Martinez

I just got back from a retreat and this bag would have made my life so much easier and more organized.
I practically took my whole studio with me ?
Thanks for sharing your humor and knowledge.


I would pack Essentials such as thread needles iron Matt cutting tools and the life if I were the winner of this Yazzi craft companion. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful piece!

edel duffy

i would pack almost the same as you but the juice would have to be oz white, ill supply that, pins no i use needles as they dont mark, a plastic bag to collect my scraps and my computer to log into ur show to keep me on track. As im in Ireland ill pay my postage. i love your classes and iv have some from craftsy. has a ball yesterday and was on computer for 14 hours straight for free classes. oops my glass isempty must get a refill. ta so much for all your classes, keep up the good work and say hi to your children from me. lol

Ruthie Powell

I make wine and I brew a beautiful Belgian Tripel ale. I would bring my Tripel.

Ruth hild

I would pack my rotary cutter, scissors, Needles, pins, thread and extra Bobbins. I would also pack chips and of course a snickers bar. I would definitely need a cherry Coke to keep me up all night because that is the game we play. Who can stay up the latest?

Margaret Aikema

Everything and then some … you just never know if you might need it for something 🙂

Mickie Long

Hi Angela! I am going to a retreat this coming weekend and I am packing my iPad to show the other ladies your show ! I can’t wait to get them hooked also ! I love you and happy drinking ! – oops I mean quilting ?

Ria Panman

I would take my “seven sisters” pattern and fabric to make it by hand. And of course everything I need to get sewing. It would be nice if not only quilters from the US would win! Thank you for the wonderfull shows 🙂


I would love to go to a quilt retreat sometime and take my “stuff” in that bag. I would pack thread, extra bobbins, rotary cutter, seam ripper, needles, template plastic and fabric. Also my 1/4 inch ruler. And nut mix, chocolate and a corkscrew.


I pack all the usual tools along with goodies and snacks to share. My favorite new thing is my sewing chair. It keeps me comfy plus helps me sit properly to avoid shoulder pain. Thanks for your great teaching!

Laurie Dutcher

I have not been to a retreat yet, but if I had an awesome bag to carry my most essential supplies for quilting, I would also have to include chocolate…plenty of chocolate, and a few cute little bottles of wine, and my kindle. Thanks Angela for your inspiring and entertaining videos. You are my favorite!

Marian Adams

If I had a Yazzi I’d quilt in the morning, I’d quilt in the evening all over this land. ha Remember, the song, “If I had a hammer?” Seriously, I’d use it to add to my love of quilting and treat myself to a quilting retreat somewhere where I’ve haven’t traveled before.


I’d pack all of my essential quilting tools like rotary cutter, needles, and bobbins as well as my applique tools. It would be great to have everything ready to grab and go . . . or stay home and quilt!

Phyllis Fenice

Thanks so much for your great show…always enjoy them. I would cram all that I could into my bag (if I won) such as rotary rulers (whatever ones that would fit), rotary cutter with extra blades, pins, needles, quilting gloves, travel iron, pressing cloth, thread, marking pens and pencils, some prefilled bobbins and empty ones too, template plastic, scissors, pencil/pen, notepad, my pattern and fabric, of course. Then I’d squeeze in my bag of licorice. If I’ve forgotten anything I’d make a road trip to the nearest quilt shop for some much needed therapy!


Thanks for all the great quilting lessons. The one quilting supply I could use is the sew steady table. That’s on my wish list.

sally howard

Well done video. Love to watch them.

Angela Leon

I guess to be a new quilter have an advantage =) I’ll pack the material needed to follow your new class and of course the tablet =) And the space ill got, I will fill up with new goodies I will buy on the way =)


what a great travel tool. Sure will hold my seam ripper and scissors along with a lot more stuff. I love your tutorials!

Karen Oliver

Looks like a great bag to carry all the necessities for the next retreat and each of them can have their own pocket to be easily found.

eileen horan

I left a reply on Angela’s channel but just in case, I’ll leave it here too: I can’t work without my tiny iron and silicone fingers that keep me from getting burned when I iron all the tiny pieces. I sure love the quilt Angela made on this episode!

Royce Lemamond

Love the bag!!! I’m pretty sure I’d put in all my go to quilting supplies, rotary cutters in various sizes, my 6×12 ruler, my fave Frixion pens, travel iron, mats, and scissors. I think I would toss in a couple of my favorite precuts just to add some extra options.
Of course, I’ve never made it to a retreat either. But I may be inspired to go if I should win a new “pack and sew” bag.

Sandra Fusco

Hi Angela, I absolutely love your finish work! I wanna be as good as you when I grow up … I’m now 58! Lol! I would definitely pack my wine and glasses in the Yazzi bag with the summer sausage and sharp cheddar, oh yeah and sesame crackers. THAT will make me a happy quilter. ?


I would pack my favorite pair of scissors. Some snacks M & m Dr Pepper. All my rulers.

Rosemary Muntus

I love the Midnight quilt show, Angela’s classes and what would I add to the Ultimate Quilting Bag— my little notebook where I jot ideas … if I only I could find it . So you see why it needs a place to live.

Louise Thewes

I would fill it with all the necessary tools to attend a quilt retreat, which I have attended many times. I have a list of items not to forget i.e. surge protected extension cord, masking tape for cord, small table to iron on, patterns ,fabrics & threads for each project I hope to complete and of course an ample supply of chocolate. And of course my I pad – so if I have any questions about a particular technique I can look it up.

Carla Garceau

Never having gone, my I-phone & Charger would be a must! Somehow, I’m always losing my charger on trips & this bag would be great to store it in! Thanks!

Iva McAdams

Love your fun tutorials, Angela! I’ve never been to a quilt retreat either, so doing my own solo retreat. Thanks for the idea! ?

Annette Jutrzenka

I would always have an extra pair of spectacles in the ultimate quilting bag so I could always see what I was sewing! I would know that I had them with me whenever I picked up my bag. Thanks for a chance to win one of these most organised useful bags. Love the shows

Dee LaForce

I, also, have never been to a quilting retreat, although many times I have to retreat to do some ripping! So the first thing I would pack is my seam ripper. A bucket list goal is to make a quilt without ripping once!

Cora Bagley

Hi Angela, I love your quilting tutorials and the creative designs you make that inspire me to get busy! I would love the opportunity to win the Yazzii Crafter’s Companion with all the pockets and compartments to help me stay organized. I would definately pack the following necessary essentials for all quilters in my bag: Peanut M&Ms, long quilting pins, wonder clips, scissors, mini iron and pressing mat, plastic templates, scotch tape, pattern designs, lap top to watch your tutorials to obtain quilting instructions, fabric, marking pens, rotary cutter w/extra blades, thread, seam ripper, add-a-quarter rulers, purple thang, seam ripper (which I hope to not use), UHU glue stick, glue pen, sewing needles, pre-wound bobbins, extra 1/4 sewing foot, rulers, and jumbo smooth paper clips. I think that would be a great start and as you can see, I truly need the Yazzii Crafter’s Companion.

Sara Sparks

I love your tutorials! You are very talented and fun to watch!! I would pack the bag with all my supplies and think the wine may make things more fun to make! Thanks for all you do!!

Joy Venters

Your tutorials make it seem so easy that I am going to definitely try the bedspread I have wanted for some time. I definitely would need some coffee and diet soda in my quilting bag with all the supplies along with a picture of my grandmother who was a master at hand quilting and would be so proud of me for finally getting around to doing something she loved.

Mimi F.

I think all the pieces you have are the same as what I’d need.

Dee Patton

You seriously crack me up. I love your sense of humor and of course your very talented.


Angela that Yassi bag would help me get organized . My stash pile and
supplies keep growing and I can’t always find my tools – help Yassi organizer bag!

Sharlene Irish

Love your Midnight Show! I would take a erasable gel pen along with wonder clips.


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