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Last-Minute Quilted Christmas Gift: FREE Pile of Presents Mug Rug Pattern

 December Mug Rug

This little mug rug is designed as a pile of presents with rickrack ribbons that are the perfect place to tuck a gift card or small gift. For extra fun, tuck a surprise in each of gift’s ribbon and make someone’s holiday extra special.

The red and green color combo is perfect for Christmas, but swap out colors and have an instant Hanukkah, birthday, Kwanzaa or graduation gift anyone will love!

December Mug Rug Supplies Needed

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 3 gift box fabrics
  • 1 background fabric
  • 1 backing fabric
  • 1 binding fabric
  • 1 scrap of batting 8″ x 10″
  • 1 or more rickrack or ribbon scraps
December Mug Rug Cutting Instructions

Cutting instructions:

  • 2½” x 3″ rectangle for the top gift box
  • 3″ x 3½” rectangle for the middle gift box
  • 3½” x 4½” rectangle for the bottom gift box
  • 3″ x 7½” strip from the background fabric
  • Two 2½” x 2¾” rectangles from the background fabric
  • Two 3″ x 2½” rectangles from the background fabric
  • Two 2″ x 3½” rectangles from the background fabric
  • 2″ x 36″ strip for binding
  • 8″ x 10″ rectangle for backing
  • 2½”, 3″ and 3½” ribbon or rickrack pieces for the presents
  • 10″ ribbon or rickrack piece for the bow
December Mug Rug Sewing Layout

Sewing instructions

Step 1:

Lay out the cut pieces as shown and sew them together in rows. Press the seams toward the darker fabric.

December Mug Rug Pinning the Ribbon

Step 2:

Pin the ribbon or rickrack in place and sew the rows together. Secure the ribbon in the seams. These were offset to cut down on bulk, but if you are using a thin silk or satin ribbon, this would not be an issue. Consider using more than one ribbon per gift box for additional interest.

Step 3:

December Mug Rug with ribbons and bow

Fold the 10″ ribbon in half. Take each end and fold them back to the center fold. This creates two loops for a bow. Pin this in place on the background strip and sew it to the long edge of the top gift box row. If you prefer, tie the ribbon in a bow and tack it down by hand once the mug rug is complete.

December Mug Rug Finished

Finishing the mug rug

Layer the assembled unit on top of the batting and backing, and quilt. My mug rug simply has an outline quilted around the gift boxes. Trim the edges even and attach the binding. 

These are so quick and fun that you can sew up one for everyone on your holiday list! Have fun personalizing them with different fabrics and ribbons and quilting. Add a small hanging loop to the back and hang them on the tree for Christmas morning! Or put one at each place setting before the celebration meal. However you choose to celebrate with these fun little gift box mug rugs, have a wonderful time!

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Nicky livingstone

Cute, very cute.

Melodie Gingras aka Melvin Johnson

On my list for super easy Christmas gifts, thanks for such a cute pattern!

Diane McCoy

I love this for gifts cards. Thank you!

Peggy Brown

A sweet pattern and a cheerful gift, thank you!


This is a very cute mug rug; however, the dimensions are not correct. Had to recur many pieces and took lots of extra time to piece together. I’m sure it’s not as it should be, but it will work.


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