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Let Batiks Shine With Our FREE Mug Rug Pattern!

Have you always wondered how to sew a braid from strips? Do you have a charm pack that you want to use? Want to try making a fun little mug rug for a friend or yourself? Our Mug Rug of the Month for November is just the pattern to get you started!

Batik Braid Mug Rug

This batik braided mug rug is super simple and will sew together in a snap! You’ll get impressive results for very little time and effort. Let’s get started.

What you need

Batik Braid supplies needed

Check out the amazing selection of Batik Charm packs here.

  • 15 strips cut 1½” x 5″
  • One 3″ square, cut on the diagonal (only need one triangle)
  • One piece of fabric 7″ x 10″ for the backing
  • One strip of binding, 30″ long
  • One scrap of batting, at least 6½” x 9½”

Step-by-step directions

Step 1: Sewing the strips

Batik Braid first seam

Begin by layering the first strip on the triangle as shown, with the end of the strip and the corner lined up evenly at the top. Sew a ¼” seam along the edge of the triangle.

Batik Braid press away from the triangle

Press the strip away from the triangle. No trimming needed until the all the strips have been added.

Batik Braid sewing the second stripBatik braid pressing the second strip

Sew the second strip to the other side of the triangle. This time place the end of the strip evenly with the end of the first strip.

Always press the seams toward the strip that has just been added.

Batik Braid repeat with each strip

Continue with each strip, alternating sides each time, until all 15 strips have been added and pressed.

Batik Braid completed pieced unit

The finished unit will look like this.

Step 2: Trimming the braid

Batik Braid trimming the unit

Position a ruler on top of the pieced unit. Trim the braid unit to 6″ x 9″, taking care to keep the ruler positioned on the braid evenly.

Step 3: Finishing the Mug Rug

Batik Braid layered on backing and batting

Layer the braid on top of the batting and the backing. Use pins to secure the layers if needed.

Batik Braid Mug Rug Quilted in the ditch

Quilt the mug rug “in the ditch” with a coordinating thread. Trim away the extra batting and backing and bind the mug rug. Enjoy your braided mug rug!


Gene Black

If making several of these, the corner that is cut from the end (right end in the photo) could be used as the starting triangle piece for the next one.


Just made the same discovery and I plan on making several!

Linda Ross

This was absolutely fabulous! Thanks so very much for sharing your talents.

Donna Dunnagan

This is gorgeous and my very next project!!! Thanks to Gene Black for idea about using the triangle from the trimming! Gorgeous choice of batik colors. Many thanks!

Jean Sadler

Lovi it! I think I might make placemats with this idea.


This could probably be done as quilt as you go. I’m going to try it!


Could speed it up a bit by continuing in a long row, long enough for at least two or three mug rugs worth at a time, then trimming to the size you need.

Maria C

You are right ! Excellent idea ! I’m excited to make several and I definitely will be making longer rows. Thank you for the suggestion. 😊🌸MC …..p.s. ….I love the pattern on this mug rug. I have several batiks pieces of fabric that will go perfect for this. Thank you for the idea.


This technique reminds me of a table runner pattern that I’ve used twice – can’t remember it’s name-anyway, it was made with the aforementioned quilt- as-you-go method. This eliminates the need for quilting the item when you’ve completed adding the strips. You simply trim and bind when finished with the strips. I find stitch in the ditch a bit difficult. I had trouble with coloring as a child as well….

Nancy bruno

Thank you for sharing your talent. This will be very fun to make and small enough to help me work on my binding techniques.

Phyllis Stephenson

I just finished making this mug rug and I love it. It came out looking so beautiful!
I will be making many more.Thank you for the pattern.

Phyllis Stephenson

I made this as a hostess gift. It turns out beautiful and so easy. I plan to make several.


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