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I'm an aspiring wanna-be Domestic Goddess with two sweet little kidlets and an over-adventurous husband. I dabble in most crafts; but my true loves are knitting and sewing. I can be swayed by cross stitch, macrame and crochet if I'm feeling the polygamous urge. I don't remember life before craft to be honest and I have more WIPs than I care to admit.I've been self publishing my own patterns since 2008. Most of my patterns are written for my two sweet kids, and are well and truly road tested. My aim is to create simple, timeless and beautiful patterns that are easy to read but yet result in a fabulous finished garment. Most of the garments I design are seamless.You can find more of my patterns, including those for sale, on Ravelry, Patternfish and Love Knitting.

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