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The Crooked Yarn

I've been crocheting for decades, and also do a bit of knitting, and love sharing my craft with others. I especially like to create simple things that most anyone can do, which gives the beginner a sense of satisfaction at being able to complete a project, instead of giving up in aggravation.Some of the patterns I have for sale were once offered for free, but I was paid a small amount for the traffic I brought to the site where they were listed. That site has since shut down and I need to recoup that income, so am bundling some of my patterns and listing them for sale at a low price so that others might still enjoy them without spending a lot, while still allowing me a small amount for my efforts.The bonus for you is that even though you're paying a small amount for something that once was free, you will be getting (in most cases) more than one similar pattern, and in a clean .pdf format that is easy to print off, and NO annoying popup advertisements - no ads at all!

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