Sandra Jaeger's Strickstuebchen (1)

Sandra Jaeger's Strickstuebchen

I'm a hobby pattern creator and love knitting and creating Fair Isle patterns.I wish you as much fun knitting and wearing them as I have designing them!If you like my patterns checkout my patterns at or Ravelry. You can either search for stoperror or find me under the designers as Sandra Jaeger.Please note: Due to the VAT-tax changes taking effect on January 1 2015 I had to delete my on sale Patterns on Craftsy as there is no way to handle the new tax Regulation affecting European buyers via Craftsy.Ravelry tries to come up with a solution.If you are from not EU-based countries or from Germany you can still buy my on sale Patterns as usual via Ravelry.If you are from a European (not Germany) Country unfortunately there is no solution how to handle it at the Moment.Ravelry tries to come up with a solution in the next 6 months.Until then my sales are limited to non EU users and Germany.I'm very sorry for that, but the new rule is very complicated.Jippie we got ourself a Ravelry group: The knitting chartists where you can make pattern requests and take part in our pattern development.T-Shirts gibt's von mir auch bei spreadshirt.News 2016: I can now republish priced standalone Charts that were available at Craftsy on Loveknitting. If you are missing one, please let me know via jaegerleins@web.deand I will offer it there and send you an update.

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