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Fibre Artist ~ Craft Teacher ~ Author. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Born in Germany 1951, migrated to Australia in 1955 & grew up in windy Wollongong, NSW. In 1974 my husband, Glenn, & I settled in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast Qld, where we set up & still operate a small commercial Signwriting & Screenprinting business. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve dabbled a little in pottery, became obsessed with Handmade Paper, both natural fibre and recycled & by 1984 my papermaking was in full swing, retailing unique paper products across Australia & conducting regular workshops. In 1994 I participated in a group exhibition at the Queensland Museum with the Papermakers of Queensland. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From here, attracted by the colour & texture of fabric, I drifted into Rag Rugging & in 2001 won the Best Entry Fibre Art Award at the Caloundra Arts & craft Festival. Workshops & weekly classes began the same year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In amongst it all I always crocheted (just for fun, just for me, but always exploring the old & the new) From 2002, as crochet made its huge resurgence & increased in popularity again, I was encouraged to share my knowledge in Traditional, Tunisian (Tricot), Jacquard, Crochenit (double-ended hook) & in more recent years Freeform techniques which has led to workshops & classes across the Sunshine Coast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2005 ~~~I became a published author of my personal story ‘Not Without A Backward Glance.’ Published by Zeus Publications ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2006 ~~~Worlds Best Tea Cosy winner ~~~ My first craft book Crochet Techniques published by Sally Milner Publishing, Crochet Techniques is an international standard craft book and is being sold worldwide. ~~~ My 2nd book, Freeform Crochet & Beyond brings together a diverse collection of crafts that can be incorporated into the freeform technique & offers a wealth of information for experienced freeformers & to those new to this exciting art form. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2009 ~~~ Alice Springs Beanie Festival, Winner of the Spirit of The Land Beanie Award. ‘Australia in Colour’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2010 ~~~ My 3rd book Bring Colour To Crochet presents the reader with 64 interesting & practical stitch patterns that explore the many varied ways of introducing colour & novelty into their work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2012 ~~~ my 4th book Textured Crochet Lace brings together a collection of 64 interesting crochet lace patterns & uncommon stitches that can be worked into your crochet repertoire & increase your knowledge, confidence & pleasure. ~~~ Alice Springs Beanie Festival, Winner of the Ashford’s Best Hand felted Beanie Award - Fossils & Limestone. ~~~ World’s Best Tea Cosy 2012 - Grand Champion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2014 ~~~ My 5th book Tapestry Crochet, 64 playful patterns for children based on graphs instead of written patterns that can be adapted to suit babies, children, teenagers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t exploring the fibre arts in one form or another & expect it to go on & on & on for some time yet.

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