Rainbow Moon Treasures - Quilting (3)

Rainbow Moon Treasures - Quilting

I hope you like my designs. I think visually and love coming up with new patterns (shapes, colors, shades etc.). My patterns could be called postage stamp quilt patterns or pixel quilt patterns since they use only 1 size square, which is usually fairly small.... but it's easy to sew. :) I've been creating quilt top designs and kits for our church quilting group for over four years now, but only in 2014 did I find Craftsy.com and make my designs available to everyone. I have been disabled since I was a young adult and am glad I finally found something wonderful I could do to help others and earning some income to help support my family.I have been sewing since I was a child and my first quilt was made when I was 14 just before I went off to high school.

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