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My grandmother, Ruby Steele, lived to be more than 100 years old. In her retired years, she made a lot of quilts (1940's - 1980's). Some have survived her. They were all hand machine quilting at all. We did, once, get her a nice White sewing machine, but she never used it. It was both treadle and electric, but she never bonded with the idea of machine quilting. I thought, "How does she do it? I'll never be able to sit still long enough to hand stitch anything." But, time passes and our perspectives change. My mother loved embroidery. She never quilted. She also crocheted and knitted and taught me those things. When Mom passed away, she left an afghan and some pillow cases that needed finishing. I'm sorry to say I haven't finished the afghan but I have finished one of the sets of pillow cases. When I finished the pillowcases, about ten years ago, I decided I would make quilts for all the grandkids and some neices and nephews. What happened to me, that I decided that?!!! Changes, I guess. I was still working full time and decided to add a new career? Well, I haven't stopped stitching since then.

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