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Welcome to the Podunk Pretties pattern store! Due to Craftsy's website change on 12-28-18, most of my patterns were deleted. You can find all of my patterns in my Etsy store. PDF Downloads as well as Mailed patterns. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PodunkPrettiesStore In 1987 I made my first quilt in a high school Home Ec. class. Then in my mid 20's as a stay at home mom I started designing my own quilt patterns. After many years of encouragement from family and friends to publish my quilt patterns I started a quilting blog in 2010 where I shared my passion for quilting by writing free tutorials and patterns. Blogging opened up the door to many new adventures and opportunities. The most challenging and rewarding was teaching a beginner quilting class. Over the years my quilting style has changed as I learned new techniques and quilting tricks. But one thing always remained the same, my passion for all quilts. Due to this passion as you browse through my pattern shop you'll find many different styles and skill levels. I hope you can find just the right pattern for your quilting needs. Thanks for stopping my my little spot in Podunk! ~ Lea Anne Brummett ~ Facebook: Podunk Pretties Quilt Designs Instagram: Podunkpretties Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PodunkPrettiesStore

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