My Go-Go Life (1)

My Go-Go Life

I am a mom to four incredible kids, grandma to three , a hard core coffee achiever and thrill sewing extraordinaire that seeks out new sewing adventures no matter what the style just to try it out! I adore connecting people in the community to create a fun sewing experience for everyone! Since 2011, I have been sewing and writing patterns and tutorials for my blog My Go-Go Life with a emphasis on teaching how to sew has been my joy! All of the patterns and tutorials I have created have very detailed step by step instructions and up close and personal photos. Being a visual learner, trying to sew from patterns that only included text has always been difficult to me. I am a show me learner not really a tell me learner and I am sure that there are many others that have also found the visual lacking in many patterns. I have included detailed instructions and photos in my patterns making it possible for everyone to sew! I even have two of my four kids read over the patterns and have them tell me if there is anything that is unclear. I hope you enjoy my patterns as much as I have enjoyed creating them! If you make my patterns, I would love to see them! Please share on your social media and tag #gogokim!

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