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Lekala Sewing Patterns

When I was a child, I fell in love with sewing. When I grew up, I fell in love with coding. That is how programming patterns came into my life. :) You couldn't help noticing that standard patterns don't fit well. That's because they are standard. Mine are processed just for you taking into your account your individual measurements. They are just as professional and way more intricate than many of the patterns by the Big Four. The collection grows rapidly - tune in at Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch! ------------------------------------ With each order, the buyer will receive: ------------------------------------ - Photo or a photo-realistic drawing of a garment - Technical drawing of a garment - Recommendations on the choice of fabric - List of extra accessories required - List of parts - Complete step-by-step instructions in English - 3D photo of a mannequin modelled according to the size provided - Printable PDF with layout overview and real-size parts on several pages. You may need to cut out the parts and glue them together for cutout. ------------------------------------ Pattern format: ------------------------------------ Depending on the listing, the pattern will be provided as .PDF file in A4, A3, Letter, Legal, or of the mentioned width, a .PLT file of the mentioned width or as a .LEK file. By default PDF A4 will be sent. No paper printouts will be mailed. The listings are for file download only. ------------------------------------ Policy: ------------------------------------ The pattern is provided 'as is'. We always aim at providing the tip top service and will send you most complete instructions so that your garment turns out excellent. Your pattern does not include the amount of fabric required. As the width of the fabric can be different, the fabric may have specific pattern and the pattern may have direction, I do not find it safe to give recommendations on the length of the fabric to purchase. It also depends on the size you order. I'll be happy to send a smaller view of details on 10x10cm (4"x4") grid or help you with calculations after purchase. The patterns may be for stretchy or not stretchy fabric and consequently they may have different ease. Before purchase, you may get a preview of any pattern on our website www.lekala.co using coupon TEST on 10x10cm (4"x4") grid and see if it fits right. Please remember that the actual fitting of a clothes sewed depends on the material chosen and sewer skills, and cannot be considered a reason for refund. ------------------------------------ Notes: ------------------------------------ -Note on FREE patterns: free patterns are available at www.lekala.co -Note on price: any pattern is also available at www.lekala.co with 10% discount to registered users. There are 1500+ other patterns on the website, but it would be impossible for me to upload them all here. ;) -Note on copyright: Want to use these patterns to sell items for a profit? YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN! All LEKALA Design patterns may be used to create finished items to sell items per custom order or in ateliers. Please read more information on my patterns below:

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