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I am a hand knitter, crocheter, machine knitter, and have recently begun using a circular sock machine (csm). I manufacture some hard-to find knitting accessories such as the multiple yarn twister/winder, machine knitters GARTER BARS, mini garter bars, and needle stoppers. I also write and sell CUT-SEW-FELT Patterns using recycled sweaters, as well as hand-knitting & crochet patterns. I LOVE to hand knit most of all. Easy projects are my game as we travel quite a bit and I love to knit no-brainers. oh yeah, and as you can see by my patterns.....I am the slipper Queen!Check out my blog where I have many FREE patterns: auntekristy.blogspot.comIf you're looking for Garter bars or other knitting machine accessories go to my website for ordering:

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