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I am a Jewelry artist, author and teacher, it is my passion and my obsession! My Jewelry is handmade using a variety of materials including semi precious and precious stones with Sterling silver, copper and bronze wire. A bit about me Born and raised in North London, I grew up surrounded by artistic people. Living in a very close community with a diverse mix of characters, I was able to try my hand at a whole array of crafts, from sewing to polymer clay modelling. I come from a long line of artists, my Great, Great Grandfather was Frank Paton, well known for his realistic portrayal of both wild and domestic animals using oil paints, but he is probably more fondly remembered for his pencil etchings. Many other family members have continued the tradition of painting and drawing. Although I enjoyed drawing, I wasn’t particularly good at it. Imagine my delight when I discovered the possibility of bringing things to life with wire! Inspired as a child to make jewellery when I was bought a bead weaving loom one Christmas, my style has changed dramatically over the years, from simple strung necklaces into what you see today. I have always loved working with semi precious stones and wire, for many years I have experimented with different ways of combining the two. I was inspired by the designer Eni Oken who has helped me to harness the natural beauty of the stones and compliment them with silver wire work. Each piece has lots and lots of hand coiled wire, no glue or solder is used just ancient methods of coiling and weaving. My Work I now divide my time between making jewellery and writing tutorials for my designs, if there is a piece that you have seen and would like to learn how to make, but can't find the tutorial, just let me know and I will see what I can do. I am also a freelance writer for 'Making Jewellery' magazine and have had several projects published. In 2009 I launched my business, working full time on my jewellery. A daunting step but one that I have never regreted. In 2010 I started writing my first book, Wire Jewelry Masterclass, which is published by The Guild of Master Craftsmen and was released in October 2011, available directly from me or from any major book or craft retailer around the world. Although my business is primarily online, in 2012 I started doing demonstrations at Tutbury castle and other historical events of Viking kit chain making, also known as triconopoly.

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