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mauro_moroni made bottles with:

Commercial Photography: Taking Product Photos That Sell

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Commercial Photography: Taking Product Photos That Sell

with Chris Grey

  • Nikon D300 + AF-S Nikkor 105mm + Black panel (background) + translucent plexiglass panel (base) + 1 speedlight SB 900 below the base pointing perfectly vertical + Tripod

Q&A with mauro_moroni

RJDStudio asked:
Very nice. I am curious how this might look with a touch of back or side lighting to help separate the bottles from the background.
mauro_moroni answered:
good question. I will try your suggestion and post the result
Chris Grey asked:
Unless there is a design reason for it, the caps and wires should all be placed at the same angle.
mauro_moroni answered:
Thank-you for your comment, Christopher! My goal wasn't a "technical" or descriptive photography but an "artistic" one. So I thought to let two caps down and one on to create a bit of movement.