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How to Set Up a Photo Booth on a Budget

By Nicholas Donner

What better time to record and preserve all the tacky Christmas sweaters and Santa hats worn to our holiday parties? Here’s a take on what you need for a bare-bones, but awesome photo booth.

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Dramatic two light Michael Jackson-esque portrait on the Bluprint Blog!

4 Picture Perfect Lighting Setups for Dramatic Portraits

By Nicholas Donner

Innovative photographers are always coming up with new ways of creating dramatic imagery by pushing their gear to the limits and trying new ways of doing things. There is no right way or wrong way to make a dramatic portrait, as long as you find a way to bring a feeling to the viewer. In this post, I’ll give you a few ideas for making a dramatic portrait with lighting gear — no matter whether you have one light or a whole room full of gear.

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Baby and Dog

5 Tips For Successful On Location Portrait Photography

By Alison Hathaway
Having a documentary style to your photography can help you capture a place in time, a phase in life and more. If you're ready to tell stories through your photography, explore five tips for taking authentic, environmental portraits families will love. Read more »
Portrait of a Little Boy on a Swing

The 3 Most Important Elements of a Portrait Photo Shoot

By Craftsy
People new to portrait photography tend to concentrate solely on their subjects while shooting and not much else. And then it’s only afterward that they may notice some flaws. There are three essential components that can contribute to making a great portrait. We discuss them here. Read more »