Macro Photography

Zoom In: How to Use a Telephoto Lens

By Nicholas Donner

Telephoto lenses are great tools for just about any photographer, but can lead to frustratingly blurry images to those that aren’t experienced. Here are some tips for getting started with a telephoto lens.

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Macro Photography: Getting Great Photos Up Close

By Nicholas Donner
Macro PhotographySometimes it can be fun to take photos of an object from very close to focus in on details that you might not see from a normal viewing distance. If you try this with a normal lens, like a 50mm, you’ll find that at as you get closer than 18 inches or so your camera will not be able to focus. This is where a specialized piece of equipment called the macro lens comes in handy. Macro photography is used on all sorts of things from plants and animals, to product details and textures, to natural phenomena. Read more »