3-D Landscapes: Tricks for Using Light To Create Depth In Your Photography

By Jeff Sinon

We see the word in three dimensions, the camera unfortunately only sees it in two. With the creative use of light, however, you can give your landscape photos the illusion of more depth than what the camera can actually capture, restoring that missing third dimension. Read on to learn lighting tricks to add depth and dimension to your landscape photography!

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Ask an Expert: Lighting Demystified With Neil van Niekerk

By Craftsy
Neil van Niekerk ExpertThanks for tuning in for another week of Ask An Expert. Today, we share advice directly from our expert Neil van Niekerk, in response to popular questions asked by our community members within our Facebook Photography Club. Find out what to do in situations when you can't bounce your flash, how to best achieve a prime effect, how many cameras to use when shooting a wedding, and more. And, ask your own questions! Read more »

Wedding Photography Wednesday: Receptions With Difficult Lighting

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Wedding Reception PhotographyWedding receptions can be anywhere. For example, some of the more interesting venues I've experienced have been rodeo grounds, a lake in the Rocky Mountains and a tent in a back yard. While receptions like this are all very fun and show the uniqueness of the couple, sometimes they can be very difficult to photograph. Here are four tips for success when handling difficult lighting situations during a reception. Read more »

Tips for Lighting a Wedding Reception

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Photographing a Wedding ReceptionWedding receptions are some of the hardest things to shoot because you never know what kind of lighting situation you are going to walk into. Here are a few tips photographers use to spruce up reception photos in dark conditions to make them a little more artistic and interesting. Read more »

What is Portrait Photography: Lighting People

By Nicholas Donner
Lighting for Portrait PhotographyOh, boy! This is a big topic. There are entire Web sites devoted to portrait lighting, so we’ll do this in the most basic of ways, assuming you have already read my post on Natural Light Portraits, and are just getting started in using artificial light, and have a very basic and inexpensive one or two speedlight setup. The truth is, you don’t need much lighting equipment to create awesomely lit portraits—just a little creativity and a little technical know how. Here’s a quick step-by-step for lighting people. Read more »

Photography Friday: Studio Lighting Kits for Your Home Studio

By Kevin Pepper
Home Studio Lighting KitsNot too long ago studio lighting was really only for the professional photographer, or an enthusiast with lots of disposable cash. Today however, with a wide range of kits that are available on the market, enthusiasts are able to create home studios easier than it has ever been. Let's take a look at some lighting options! Read more »