Black bear and her cub — Tips for wildlife photography on the Craftsy Blog!

Wildlife Photography Tips: How to Photograph Wildlife in Natural Light

By Jeff Sinon
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Right up there with nature and landscape photography, wildlife photography is one of the most popular forms of photography out there. It seems everybody wants to photograph cute and cuddly critters whether they're covered in feathers, fur, or dare I say it, scales. One of the best ways to capture these amazing creatures at their best is using natural light. Here are my tips + tricks for photographing wildlife in natural light for the ultimate outdoor images. Why Read more »
Basics of color temperature on the Craftsy Blog!

The Color of Light: Basics of Color Temperature

By Nicholas Donner

Understanding color temperature is an important part of becoming a serious photographer. The color of light is fairly simple in theory and more complicated in practice. Here, I'll breakdown the fundamentals of color temperature theory to help you start taking your photography skills to the next level of great.

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Using Directional Light — Tips on the Craftsy Photography Blog!

Photography Focus: Understanding Directional Lighting

By Ashley Rodriguez

Controlling and manipulating light is a key way that you can elevate your images. Learning how to use lighting properly can help you create different styles and moods in order to achieve the image you want, which in turn can make a huge difference is your photography. Directional lighting is a great place to being playing with light, so you can start taking your images to the next level!

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Dramatic two light Michael Jackson-esque portrait on the Craftsy Blog!

4 Picture Perfect Lighting Setups for Dramatic Portraits

By Nicholas Donner

Innovative photographers are always coming up with new ways of creating dramatic imagery by pushing their gear to the limits and trying new ways of doing things. There is no right way or wrong way to make a dramatic portrait, as long as you find a way to bring a feeling to the viewer. In this post, I’ll give you a few ideas for making a dramatic portrait with lighting gear — no matter whether you have one light or a whole room full of gear.

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