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Here’s How to Take Ethereal Photos With Backlighting

By Alethia Rains

Take portraits with that ethereal, halo-like effect that clients love. All you have to do is place the light behind your subject and adjust your light meter just right. You'll be snapping bright, glowing photos with a touch of magic in no time.

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Photography Basics: 4 Types of Natural Lighting

By Jeremiah Gilbert

Do you know how to handle the four most common types of natural lighting in your photography? You can’t always control the type of lighting you encounter when taking photographs, which is why understanding the common types of lighting situations and how to address them is so important.

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3 Simple Steps to Master Outdoor Flash Portraits

By Gary Lun

An on-camera speedlight can give portraits depth and visual interest — if you get all the settings just right. With three steps, you can easily determine the optimal camera settings and speedlight strength for any outdoor portrait.

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