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with Jenna Martin
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Soft & Dreamy Portraits

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Explore simple, inexpensive techniques for capturing ethereal photographs, with accessible, "break the rules" instruction from internationally renowned photographer Jenna Martin. During class, you'll learn how to create bokeh, beginning with methods for setting the mood for your portraits before you've even started your shoot. Then, discover how light can transform your subject and harness that light for gorgeous results. Next, Jenna will share her secrets for creating beautiful blurred backgrounds, bringing mood and atmosphere into your photos and capturing natural expressions to elevate every image. Plus, get expert post-processing tips for brightening your subject's eyes and skin, and find out how to create composite portraits made from multiple image layers — all with Jenna's "anyone can do it" teaching philosophy to encourage you along the way.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h32m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction to Your Gear

1. Introduction to Your Gear

Meet fine art photographer Jenna Martin and preview the wide range of creative techniques you'll learn to add mood and atmosphere to your portraits. Then, get expert advice on the essential gear you'll need -- and discover budget-friendly tools that will allow you to create stunning effects.

2. Planning Your Shoot

2. Planning Your Shoot

Set the mood of your portraits before you even start shooting! Jenna shares her tried-and-true method of planning a photo shoot, from selecting the perfect location, wardrobe and accessories, to finding inspiration in the surrounding environment.

3. Understanding Light

3. Understanding Light

Deepen your understanding of light, and how it transforms your subjects, as you practice shooting in direct sun, shade and at dusk. With Jenna's guidance, you'll gain confidence harnessing natural light to achieve gorgeous results. Plus, learn how to add lovely lens flare and haze effects to your images.