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with Marc Muench
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Settings for Success: Landscape Photography

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Bring out the true beauty in your surroundings! Join professional photographer Marc Muench and build an essential understanding of camera settings for landscape photography. You'll begin by learning about different camera modes and when it's beneficial to use each. When you move on, you'll learn how to gauge the camera focus you need, set it and adjust your exposure for dynamic range. Marc will also guide you through lenses and aperture settings, before giving you best practices for unforgettable panoramas. Plus, you'll discover new tricks you can use for creative photo effects that lead to intriguing imagery.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h29m

Included in this Class

1. Understanding Camera Modes

1. Understanding Camera Modes

Meet professional photographer Marc Muench, your guide to capturing incredible landscape photography. First learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO interact with each other in different lighting situations. Then, find out how to take control of your images using manual mode.

2. Focus

2. Focus

Learn all about how your camera focuses on landscape scenes as Marc demonstrates how to use single-shot and single-point auto focus. You'll gain a better understanding of how to use focus assist for precision photographs and how to differentiate, and minimize, camera shake and out-of-focus shots.

3. Evaluative Exposure

3. Evaluative Exposure

Marc shows you the settings you need to know to work toward a great exposure. He'll show you how to use shutter speed to compensate for very bright or very dark days, vary the EV compensation and read the histogram to make vital decisions for perfect exposure.