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with Juan Pons
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Photographing Wildlife

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Discover how to shoot wildlife photography with professional photographer Juan Pons as your guide. Get gear recommendations for traveling light in the field, plus tips for streamlining your shooting process. Learn how to reliably and repeatedly find wildlife as you develop an understanding of animal behavior, habitats and food sources. Then, explore tried-and-true techniques for approaching wildlife, along with valuable compositional tools that guarantee a high-quality shot in any situation. Take advantage of natural light to maximize your shooting opportunities, and find out how to use flash and exposure techniques to enhance your images. Finally, Juan shares simple landscaping ideas to attract smaller-scale animals in your own backyard, and reveals must-have post-processing techniques for impressive images.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h19m

Included in this Class

1. Equipment, Ethics & Awareness

1. Equipment, Ethics & Awareness

Meet your instructor, professional wildlife photographer Juan Pons, and hear Juan's philosophy on ethically photographing animals in the wild. Discover how the DSLR camera has transformed wildlife photography as Juan offers his gear recommendation for lenses, DSLR features and tripod construction. Finally, learn the importance of making your equipment an extension of yourself as Juan offers advice for building up muscle memory so that you don't let the mechanics of shooting get in the way of a professional-quality photo.

2. Studying & Locating Subjects

2. Studying & Locating Subjects

Capture animals in their natural habitat as you learn about the different behaviors they exhibit depending on season or environment. Discover how their behavior changes when it's mating season or if predators are nearby. Then, discover how to research the animals you wish to photograph as Juan offers tips for using the Internet, local authorities and even apps to help you understand and locate wildlife.

3. Approaching & Composing Subjects

3. Approaching & Composing Subjects

Transform your photography from taking photos into making photos as Juan gives you the tools you need to create dynamic compositions and compelling images. You'll learn how to frame your subject against its background and how to move your camera to get the image and angle you want. Discover Juan's formulas for capturing or blurring your background and adjust your point of view to mirror your subject's. Then, learn how to critique your own work as Juan takes you through his portfolio and points out what he looks for when creating engaging compositions.