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with Kurt Budliger
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Photographing Coastal Landscapes

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Create dramatic photographs of land and sea with professional photographer Kurt Budliger as your guide. Learn essential techniques for beach photography, starting with how to track tides and scout shoot locations for optimal results. Harness natural light as you utilize the beauty of the blue and golden hours, and incorporate fog, storm clouds and atmosphere for distinctive images. Explore a variety of ways to properly expose for dynamic range, incorporating graduated neutral density filters and polarizers. Then, discover Kurt’s expert tips to create compelling, one-of-a-kind compositions with depth and balance. Capture crashing waves with crystal-clear focus, and use long exposure for ethereal, otherworldly images. Finally, learn advanced post-processing techniques to enhance vibrance, optimize dynamic range and create captivating visual flow.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h34m

Included in this Class

1. Planning & Possibilities

1. Planning & Possibilities

Meet your instructor, landscape photographer Kurt Budliger, and discover the amazing coastal scenes you can capture: from grand vistas to intimate scenes, natural and man-made. Kurt offers invaluable advice for scouting locations, planning your day, and researching and working with tides.

2. Elements of a Great Photo

2. Elements of a Great Photo

Learn how to maximize natural light and atmospheric conditions for dynamic compositions that will resonate with your viewer. Gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of light and learn how to harness the beauty of the golden and blue hours. Capture dramatic clouds, fog and other weather phenomena to create photos with energy and movement that provide your viewer with a sense of being there.

3. Harnessing Dynamic Range

3. Harnessing Dynamic Range

Minimize post-processing time as Kurt shows you how to use the histogram and live view features to properly expose for dynamic range in the field, making sure you keep the details in your highlights and shadows. Then, see how some simple polarizers, graduated neutral density filters and exposure adjustments will not only bring out details and saturate colors, but also convey moods and evoke emotions.