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with Alan Thornton
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Natural-Light Portraits

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Learn how to take natural light portraits your clients will love, with guidance from professional photographer and renowned instructor Alan Thornton. During class, you'll find out how to assess light in terms of quality and quantity, whether you're in a studio, a client's home or even a business. Then, make sure your subject is always featured in their best light as you explore split and Rembrandt lighting techniques, and add character to your portraits with a few fun tricks! Next, Alan shows you how to change your background and depth of field to work with your subjects instead of against them. Plus, confidently shoot in overcast or sunny conditions so that your subject comes alive in their finished photos, no matter the light.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h4m

Included in this Class

1. Camera Gear

1. Camera Gear

Meet your instructor, photographer Alan Thornton, as you gain an overview of the camera bodies, lenses and other gear that will help your subjects look their best. Next, Alan shares ways to pack light accessories that provide everything you need for fieldwork, including five-in-one light modifiers.

2. Working With Indoor Light

2. Working With Indoor Light

Discover how to use natural light for any indoor shoot, whether you're in a studio, someone's home or a place of business. Alan helps you assess light in terms of its quality and quantity, and shows you how the direction of light, camera height and metering all play a crucial role in your photos.

3. Split & Rembrandt

3. Split & Rembrandt

Lighting patterns help emphasize or mask certain qualities of your model's appearance. This lesson covers split lighting, which divides the subject's face into equal areas of shadow and light, and Rembrandt lighting, which exposes a soft triangle of light on the subject's cheek.