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with Clay Bolt
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Macro Photography: Insects

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If you thought you had to travel to exotic locales to photograph captivating subjects, think again. Award-winning conservation photographer Clay Bolt shows you how to find, approach and photograph fascinating insects in your own backyard with spectacular results. Learn to work with available light and shallow depth of field to create crystal-clear images. Explore a variety of off-camera flash setups to enhance color and texture, increase sharpness and freeze motion. Use wide-angle macro lenses to create surreal images that showcase your subject and its habitat, and get Clay’s expert tips for successfully photographing insects in flight. Finally, learn to adjust images in the digital darkroom to illuminate the beauty of translucent wings and emphasize eye-catching textures.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h39m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started With Macro

1. Getting Started With Macro

Meet your instructor, natural history photographer Clay Bolt, and uncover the world of macro photography. Clay will preview what you will learn in this class: lighting techniques, using wide-angle lenses, shooting flying subjects and creating a field studio. Then, Clay gives you a peek into his gear bag as he reveals the equipment he'll be using in this class.

2. Using Available Light

2. Using Available Light

Understand how light affects your subject throughout the day and explore how to compensate for low light by adjusting your aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Discover how adding a few accessories, including a reflector and cable release, can help you take bright, sharp photos. Learn how to find and approach skittish subjects and discover the importance of paralleling their movements to bring them into crystal-clear focus.

3. Using Flash

3. Using Flash

Clay reveals how using one, two and even three off-camera flashes can really highlight your tiny subjects. Disperse shadows and add fill light to brighten diminutive details. Learn how to control your flash from your camera's settings. Contrast the results of using on-camera and off-camera flashes and test exposures until you have just the right result.