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with Joshua Vergara
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iPhone-ography: Photos, Videos & More

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So you got a new iPhone X. Now what? Find out how to use your phone to take better, more share-worthy photos alongside expert Joshua Vergara. He’ll walk you through the various features — including the camera, storage, software and more — so you can use your phone with efficiency and ease. Plus, stay up to date on the newest apps and trends.


  • beginner
  • 3 episodes
  • 1h0m

Included in this Class

1. iPhone X Overview

1. iPhone X Overview

Begin as Joshua gives a quick intro to the iPhone X and the native iPhone camera app. You'll understand the strengths and weaknesses of both the front- and rear-facing cameras. After that, explore the phone's various shooting modes and settings. Plus get tips on shooting video and using the gallery app.

2. Apple Apps

2. Apple Apps

Now take a tour of the available iPhone photography apps. Get to know the factory apps (those that come already installed on your phone), as well as editing, social media and video apps from the App Store.

3. Accessories

3. Accessories

Finally, discover an array of iPhone accessories that will help you improve your photos. From add-on lenses to stabilization to lighting and more, you'll get a sense of what your options are at various price points.

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