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with Erin Peloquin
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How to Edit Photos: Develop Your Editor's Eye

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Discover how to edit photos of your family, pet or latest vacation with photography blogger Erin Peloquin's go-to checklist for enhancing any image, using both Lightroom® and Photoshop®. You'll begin by correcting exposures before learning how to tell if a photo is beyond repair. Move on to adjusting color with Erin's favorite tricks for altering white balance, fixing color casts and improving blown-out colors. Once you have the perfect hue, you'll discover how contrast is related to exposure and get tips for using them together. Take your skills to the next level with techniques for removing distractions and sharpening your images for crisp, clear results that keep the focus on your subject. Ready to share your work? Erin will show you how to export photos for printing or online sharing and give you troubleshooting tips for working through edits from start to finish.

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  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h9m

Included in this Class

1. Assess & Correct Exposure

1. Assess & Correct Exposure

Meet your instructor, Erin Peloquin, and learn her foolproof approach to editing photos! You'll start by making minor tweaks to one of the most important elements: exposure. Then, Erin will show you how to address more serious issues and explain when a photo is beyond repair.

2. Assess & Correct Color

2. Assess & Correct Color

Take the next step in your post-processing journey with color adjustments. Erin will share her favorite tricks for easy white balance adjustments. Plus, you'll learn how to make more targeted edits to solve color casts and blown out colors.

3. Improve Contrast

3. Improve Contrast

Tackle another challenge in editing your photos by learning about contrast. First, Erin will help you understand how contrast works and how it's related to exposure. Then, you'll make them work together and even use contrast creatively for black and white images.

Recommended with this class

  • Lightroom (version 5 or newer)
  • Photoshop CC
  • Computer with at least 2GB RAM (8GB recommended)