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Get to Know Your Lenses

Portrait, Macro & More
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How do you take command of your composition and control the story? It starts by understanding how each of your lenses can help! Join professional photographer Layne Kennedy and learn techniques that will help you make the most of a variety of lenses: portrait, macro, telephoto, wide-angle and multi-purpose. During class, Layne will demonstrate these must-have techniques on a Nikon DSLR, but you can put your new learnings to use no matter your camera. Along the way, you'll see how lens factors such as focal length and depth of field will affect your creative options. And for impactful photos, Layne will show you how to create captivating effects such as soft backgrounds, depth exaggeration or compression of the scene. Plus, you'll learn about camera lenses that are versatile enough to use when you want to travel light.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h55m

Included in this Class

1. Basics of Lenses

1. Basics of Lenses

Meet photographer Layne Kennedy and learn what focal length is and how it affects your creative options. Next, look at major types of lenses and understand what features are most important. Finally, explore how lens speed and ISO can support you in photographing in extremely low lighting conditions.

2. Portrait Lenses

2. Portrait Lenses

Capture beautiful portraits by choosing the right lens. First, use a wide angle lens to capture more of your subject's environment. Next, a normal focal length lens will most closely capture exactly what you see. Last, create a softened background to make your subject pop using a telephoto lens.

3. Working With Macro Lenses

3. Working With Macro Lenses

Demystify macro lenses and get up close for uniquely detailed photographs. Learn to control your focus in images with a limited depth of field and pick up tips for helpful accessories including extensions tubes, filters and tripods.