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with Rick Allred
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Basics of Flash Photography

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Discover the essentials of gorgeous flash photography, without the “look” of the flash. Join Santa Fe Photographic Workshops instructor Rick Allred as he shares techniques for gaining control of your flash, and demonstrates which features on your camera affect flash strength and which don’'t. Then, get Rick’s tips for creating a flash cheat sheet to keep your mind off the math when you’'re in the middle of a shoot, and find out how to achieve a softer look in your images using a bounce flash. Moving on, learn how to adjust your flash, whether you'’re inside or outside, and flex your creative muscles by giving your photos a painterly feel with a handheld flash and long exposure time. Rick even makes a few mistakes on purpose, so that you learn how to fix or use those slip-ups for one-of-a-kind results that always impress.


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  • 7 episodes
  • 1h44m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction to Flash

1. Introduction to Flash

Meet Rick Allred, an instructor at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and your guide to the basics of flash photography. Then get started! Rick begins by defining what a flash is, when and where to use it and the different types of flashes you may encounter.

2. Controlling Your Flash

2. Controlling Your Flash

A bright flash of light isn't the easiest thing to control. Rick demystifies the process, showing you which camera features affect flash strength -- and which don't. He also demonstrates how to determine subject distance manually using guide numbers and with a flash meter.

3. The Power of Your Flash

3. The Power of Your Flash

You don't need to be a mathematician to calculate flash power. Instead, discover Rick's simple method of using guide numbers to get the best results every time. In addition, learn how to create your own flash cheat sheet so you can focus on your subject, rather than long division.