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Enter to WIN Our 30-Day Photography Challenge!

Last month’s 31-Day Photography Challenge was a huge hit, so we are offering a new word list and new chance to win for June! Join the 30-Day Photography Challenge for June by participating in any or all of the daily prompts.

Photo ChallengeThe theme for June is celebration! June is a month full of reasons to celebrate including summer, holidays and oddball festivities. This month’s word list is based around these celebrations, real and imagined.

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Short June Photo Challenge

Photo ChallengeBonus: Share your photos and win

We can’t wait to see your creative interpretations of these prompts. We’ll be watching our projects page to see your progress throughout the month — and one lucky photographer will be gifted with a Craftsy Mystery Box just for participating. Last month’s lucky winner was Craftsy member Sheree Ross. 

You don’t have the play along the whole month to have a chance to win, but you will have to share some of your work!


  • STEP 1: Click the Submit Photo button below.
  • STEP 2: Log in to your Craftsy account (or create a new account — it’s easy and free!)
  • STEP 3: Title your upload and include “#JunePhotoChallenge” and the day or theme (IMPORTANT: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT “#JunePhotoChallenge” IN THE TITLE OF YOUR PROJECT. That way, we’ll know it’s a submission for the contest!)
  • STEP 4: Add some further info about your photo.
  • STEP 5: Upload a photo (or photos). That’s it!
Submit Photo »

We’ll be looking at submissions on July 1, 2015 and will pick a winner at random!

We look forward to seeing your celebrations! Happy shooting!

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Fo Bugler

Hi I have only just discovered this and want to enter the JunePhotoChallenge. I’m assuming the photographs have to be my own (otherwise it’s hardly a competition), but do they have to be take on the day, ie Kindness taken on 1 June etc? Also, how safe are my images? I don’t want to discover my photograph being used by some-one if I haven’t been accredited or paid for it. Thanks for your help.
Fo Bugler

Katie McEnaney

Hi Fo, thanks for your questions. Yes, they have to be your photos, and yes, they should be taken this month for the competition. If you want to use a word from a different day of the month, that is fine, but they should be photos that you can taken intentionally this month inspired by the prompts. As for safety, the Craftsy forums are simply a place to share your photos with others. You are not giving up any rights to your images, and they are just as safe as if you had shared them on any other social media or file sharing site. Hope that helps, and excited to have you join us! – Katie


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