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with Laura Lavender
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Modern Pointed-Pen Calligraphy

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In an increasingly digital world, the tangible feeling of a handwritten note is both personal and meaningful. Join artist Laura Lavender as she teaches you the basics of modern calligraphy and hand lettering. You’ll explore a range of tools and techniques to form letters, words, symbols and more.


  • beginner
  • 4 episodes
  • 2h6m

Included in this Class

1. Intro, Tools & Setup

1. Intro, Tools & Setup

Meet calligrapher Laura Lavender and begin class with a brief introduction to hand-lettering using some examples. Laura then goes over the tools and materials you'll need to get started, including pens, nibs and more.

2. Essential Exercises

2. Essential Exercises

Get to know your pen and nib by practicing a few exercises. Find out how they work together to create strokes that, later on, you'll use to form letters and words. And, develop a key understanding of letter and line anatomy, and how it affects your font style.

3. Minuscules & Variations

3. Minuscules & Variations

Laura teaches you minuscules in groups that are based on similar shape and stroke formations. Learn to create and connect letters, and spot stroke similarities, which will help you form words in future calligraphy projects.

Recommended with this class

  • Pen holder
  • Nibs (a list is in your class materials)
  • Ink
  • Paper