Card Making

Envelopes Lined with Patterned Paper

Simple DIY: How to Line an Envelope With Repurposed Paper Scraps

By AmyR

I'm always trying to think of new and creative ways for using up all those leftover paper scraps that tend to pile up in the craft room. We've already covered how to use up those little bits of leftover papers to create your own DIY embellishments. Here, I'll share a fun and simple DIY on how to line an envelope with larger patterned paper scraps for custom lined envelopes.

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Card with a microbead-covered greeting

Tricks of the Trade: 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Handmade Cards Stand Out

By Jin Yong

Are you tired of the same old look of your cards? Perhaps you have wondered how you can add a little something extra to your project to make it look even more special. The secret is in the details. Here, I will share with you six easy ways to bring your cards to the next level. To borrow a phrase from Emeril Lagasse, let’s kick those cards up a notch!

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8 Creative Postcard Ideas

By Victoria Hudgins

There is something about handwritten greetings on vacation that mean the world. Today, I want to share with you a several thrifty ways to send your own handmade postcards. Making your own postcards can be quite fun and save you a little money as you are making memories!

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