Card Making

Jayme McGowan paper illustration

Paper Designs: 10 Inspirational, Incredible Works

By Sara Barnes
The possibilities are really endless when it comes to crafting with paper. Whether you’re using it for a unique greeting card, scrapbook page or more, there are a lot of approaches that create extraordinary results. Explore 10 inspirational paper designs that interpret this versatile material in different ways! Read more »

How to Make a Rubber Stamp That’s Uniquely Yours

By Victoria Hudgins
I'm thrilled to share this fun tutorial on how to make a rubber stamp with you today. The stamps are particularly fun to use on both paper and fabrics. You can even use them on the walls to brighten up a bland paint job! I love the idea of personalizing my invitations, stationary and wrapping paper -- with a simple rubber stamp I can totally make that happen! Read more »