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Reviewed: The Best Paper Craft Scissors

By Victoria Hudgins

Finding the perfect pair of paper craft scissors can be tough. To save you from some of the legwork, we've reviewed some different types of scissors commonly used for paper crafts. Here are our top picks!

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8 Creative Postcard Ideas

By Victoria Hudgins

There is something about handwritten greetings on vacation that mean the world. Today, I want to share with you a several thrifty ways to send your own handmade postcards. Making your own postcards can be quite fun and save you a little money as you are making memories!

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Ellie Monogram

What’s in a Name? Proper Monogram Etiquette

By Debbie Henry

Monograming adds a personal and traditional detail to any project, from cake designs to hand-sewn pillows to customized stationary. But, what is proper monogram etiquette exactly? Which initial goes first? How do different size letters effect the order? What is appropriate for same-sex couples? If you are confused by all of the possibilities, read on!

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Jayme McGowan paper illustration

Paper Designs: 10 Inspirational, Incredible Works

By Sara Barnes
The possibilities are really endless when it comes to crafting with paper. Whether you’re using it for a unique greeting card, scrapbook page or more, there are a lot of approaches that create extraordinary results. Explore 10 inspirational paper designs that interpret this versatile material in different ways! Read more »