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FREE Woven Paper Easter Basket Template + Tutorial

Easter is coming, and there are few better paper crafts for this springtime holiday than handmade baskets. In this post, we’ll share a FREE Easter basket template, plus instructions on how to weave mini paper baskets that you can fill with decorated eggs, sweets and other Easter treats.

DIY Woven Paper Easter Basket

How to make paper Easter baskets

Supplies you’ll need:

Step 1:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 1

Cut out the basket template pieces and score along all of the dotted lines. Set the paper strip pieces aside for now. Fold all of the basket base strips along the score lines around the circle base.

Step 2:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 2

Next, you’ll adhere the five long paper strips to one of the basket base strips.

Use craft glue to attach the first strip close to the circle base as possible, on the inside of the basket base strip. Then, adhere the second strip just above the first, but this time on the outside of the basket base strip. Alternate in this fashion for the remainder of the long strips.

Be sure to glue the strips as straight as possible, and glue them as close to each other as you can without overlapping, as shown in the above image.

Step 3:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 3

Weave the first strip around the basket base, alternating from inside to outside as you go around. It’s OK if the weaving is loose at this point. We’ll tighten it up later.

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 4

After you’ve woven the first long paper strip around the basket base, pull it to tighten it, and tape it to the base with washi or other low-tack tape. Again, it doesn’t need to be too tight right now because we’ll tightening it up more later.

Step 4:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 5

Repeat the weaving method from Step 3 for the remainder of the long paper strips, pushing them toward the bottom of the basket base as you go to tighten them. Adjust the vertical strips that are attached to the base to tighten them as you go, as well.

Tape the end of each long paper strip to the base with tape to keep them in place as you continue weaving.

Continue to adjust, tighten and straighten the woven paper strips until you’re happy with the tightness of the weave. There should be at least ¼” of non-woven paper at the top of the vertical paper strips when you’re finished tightening.

Step 5:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 6

Fold the non-woven ends of the vertical strips over the top of the basket. When the horizontal paper strip is outside of the vertical strip, fold the end over to the outside of the basket;  when the horizontal paper strip is on the inside of the vertical strip, fold the vertical strip toward the inside of the basket.

Don’t yet glue at least two or three of the non-woven ends where you taped the ends of the horizontal strips. This will make it easier to make any finishing adjustments in the next step.

Step 6:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 7

Remove the washi tape from the long paper pieces, tighten and adjust as needed, and trim any excess length with scissors. Match up the cut ends with the horizontal woven strip ends on the far side of the basket as well as you can. If they don’t line up perfectly, don’t worry about it. Remember, real hand woven baskets aren’t perfect, either!

Glue the ends to the same strip that you started with in Step 2 to close the basket. I glued the ends in an alternating fashion for uniformity, but you can glue all of them to the outside or the inside of the basket, too.

Fold and glue the remaining non-woven vertical strip ends to finish the basket.

Step 7:

DIY Woven Paper Mini Basket : Step 8

Take the remaining (shorter) strip of paper that you set aside, add glue to each end, and attach it to the basket to make the handle.

The finished basket is approximately 2: tall (without the handle) by 2¾” wide and will fit plenty of little Easter goodies, including candy, colored eggs and small gifts.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2015 and was updated in March 2018.

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