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5 Must-Have Hacks for Keeping Your Craft Supplies Organized

Do you enjoy paper crafting but find that your stash of supplies is growing out of control? To me, organizing craft supplies is the key to keeping your creative juices alive and flowing.

Below are some unique tips to help keep the scrapbooking, card making and stamping clutter at bay, allowing you to focus your energy on more paper crafting, and less on cleaning!

Use Scraps for Stunning Paper Crafts

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5 genius tips for organizing all kinds of paper craft supplies

Tip #1: Contain your tiny embellishments

crafts supplies organized in plastic boxes

When it comes to organizing the tiny embellishments in your stash, get creative. These plastic boxes with compartments are made for storing beads or embroidery floss. However, they’re perfect for fitting small items such as brads, sequins and wood veneer. These inexpensive boxes can be found in most craft stores, typically in the beading or jewelry section. 

Tip #2: Keep messy sponges neat and tidy

stamping sponges

Another great idea for these plastic embroidery boxes? Sponge dauber storage! You may have accumulated quite the collection of various colored “inking” sponges. These sponges can be messy and tricky to keep organized. Try cutting apart a large sponge and assigning each piece a color. Each will have its own section in the box; no need to worry about the mess of inks rubbing against each other.

Tip #3: Elevate your storage using towel rods

organized markers

The key to de-cluttering your work space is to clear items off your work surface. These inexpensive towel rods and baskets from IKEA make for quick and cheap wall organization.

Small buckets and baskets are perfect for holding your markers, pencils and other miscellaneous tools that you need to keep within arm’s reach. Most punches will also rest on top of these rods, allowing you to have them all neatly displayed in one place. 

Tip #4: Store scraps by color 

organized cardstock

Scraps can be a wonderful thing… but organizing them can be a nightmare! Try sorting your scraps into color groups and assign each color group it’s own box or drawer in a storage unit. After working on a project, sort your scraps into color piles and then move each of those piles over to the corresponding drawer.

When it’s time to work on a project that needs scraps, all you have to do is pull out the drawer with the color you need. Instead of sorting through ALL of your scraps, you can focus on just one color. This is a wonderful way to maintain some sense of order with your scraps, and ensure that you truly use them all up!

Tip #5: Store pocket cards together

organized pocket scrapbooking cards

When it comes to pocket scrapbook cards, think outside the box! Try removing all of the cards from their original packaging and sorting them by color. For storage, you can re-purpose old boxes, or look for food storage bins meant for housing items in your refrigerator or pantry. You’ll likely find yourself reaching for and using these cards more often, as they are easy to sort through and view.

Use Scraps for Stunning Paper Crafts

paper scraps guide

Learn 6+ ways to transform leftover paper scraps into droolworthy projects.Enroll FREE Now »

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in July 2015 and was updated in January 2018.


Elena Murphy

Those are great suggestions but I would only consider one or two to be “hacks”. It’s not a hack to use something exactly the way it was intended.

Dar Sirrine

good suggestions! I just moved and am in the process of setting up my craft room. I’ll definitely use some of these tips (love the sponge one!)

Cynthia Symons

I love the towel rack idea, but I want to note that some pens, such as Microns, should be stored flat if you want them to last.

Shellie Smith

I’ve been working on my craft/scrapbook room for several years now. Every time I think I will get to do something in there someone else gets sick and I have to take care of them this information will help me free up some work space so I can do some quick projects between Doctors visits!!!!

Jacobs Hoobs

Those are some really cool suggestions. I am sure following these tips will help me keep my crafting supplies organized. I was wondering if you could suggest me some online store from where I can buy crafting and packaging supplies. Currently I am buying supplies from and the prices they are offering seems reasonable to me. But I was wondering if can get some more options to compare.

Sue Acaley

What did you use to put the pocket cards in? Love all your ideas!


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