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Make Easy Paper Flowers: 5 Fast & Fun Tutorials

You won’t believe how quickly these easy paper flowers come together with just a few circle punches. Learn how to make your own with these fast and friendly photo tutorials and before long you’ll have a garden of lovely punched flowers to use for home or party decor, or as sweet embellishments for your handmade cards and scrapbook pages!

circle flower collection

5 easy paper flower tutorials

leaf tutorial


1. Punch a 2″ circle out of green paper.

2. Insert half of the circle in the punch and cut.

3. Flip the circle around and punch out the other half. You now have two leaves.

4. Score the leaves down the center to fold and add more depth.

rose tutorial


1. Punch a 2″ circle out of card stock.

2. Cut the circle into a spiral.

3. Trim off the entry point of the spiral, making it round.

4. Roll the spiral from the outside in.

5. Put hot glue at the base of the flower (center of the spiral.) Stick rolled section onto the base. Quickly make any needed adjustments before the glue cools and hardens.

6. Add any leaves or other embellishments to your flower.

layered flower tutorial

Layered flower

1. Cut four nesting circles.

2. Crumble them up in your hand, making sure to wrinkle the edges really well.

3. Spread the circles flat. Nest the circles on top of each other and punch a hole in the center.

4. Insert a brad through the hole and spread the clasp on the back side.

5. Complete the flower with leaves or any other embellishments.

five petal tutorial

Five-point flower

1. Cut out 5 pink 1″ circles and 1 yellow 1″ circle.

2. Glue along the edge of the back of the yellow circle.

3. Place the pink petals around the yellow center. Space the pink circles evenly.

4. Flip over and embellish with leaves.

plumeria flower tutorial

Plumeria flower

1. Punch out 5 pink 1″ circles, and 5 peach 1/2″ circles.

2. Glue a 1/2″ circle to the edge each 1″ circle.

3. Bend the edges of the petal to create a slight point at the opposite end of the 1/2″ circle.

4. Glue the petals together in a circle to create a flower.

5. Leave half of each petal unattached to the next petal so that it flips upward.

3D flower tutorial 1

3-D flower

1. Cut out 14 pink 1 1/2″ circles, 1 pink 1″ circle and 1 yellow strip measuring 1/4″x8.5″.

2. Cut a slit to the center of each 1 1/2″ circle.

3. Glue 1/4″ of either side of the slit on top of each other to add dimension to each petal.

3D flower tutorial 2

4. Using the 1″ circle as a base, begin gluing petals around the edges with the slits toward the base.

Note: For this flower I glued 5 flowers on the base and 5 on the second layer. The third layer has has three petals. The remaining petal is used on top for the center of the flower.

3D flower tutorial 3

5. Curl the yellow strip by wrapping it around a pencil. Glue the two ends together. Adjust the curls until it looks the way you want it.

6. Glue the yellow, curled strip to the center of the flower.

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