Brian Neher

Portrait of Tracey

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Brian Neher made Portrait of Tracey with:

Paint Better Portraits: Realistic Skin Tones

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Paint Better Portraits: Realistic Skin Tones

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  • Oil Paint

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Is the piece for sale? No

Q&A with Brian Neher

francescaangelina asked:
Pls comment on your thought processes in choosing your background color. Each is different. Each is perfect for the portrait. What are you thinking as you choose the background color tones?
Brian Neher answered:
Thanks so much for the question! When trying to decide on what colors to use in the background, I'm first concerned with the values around the head. In Tracey's portrait, I wanted a lighter background to help create more of a contrast with her dark hair. Once I've decided on what the value will be, I'll then incorporate warm and cool temperatures into the background, based on complimentary colors. To help showcase Tracey's face, I used more of a cool, muted gray mixture in the background which helps to set her face apart. The reason is because the colors in her face are much warmer than those found in the background. Thanks so much again for asking!