Created by: Deb Watson

Golden Retriever Puppy Portrait

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Deb Watson made Golden Retriever Puppy Portrait with:

Pet Portraits in Watercolor

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Pet Portraits in Watercolor

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Is the piece for sale? No

Q&A with Deb Watson

wishinupeace asked:
I have a Maltese I'd love to paint. I'd like to take your class. Would it be possible for you to help me choose a picture that would be best for a beginner?
Deb Watson answered:
Yes, I'd be happy to. I'll be out of town till the end of the week, but you could email me at the photos you're think of and I could give you some suggestions
April7 asked:
Absolutely adorable!
Deb Watson answered:
Thanks! Looking at puppies and kittens just makes my heart feel lighter.
Susanwrwk asked:
love the happy golden smile!!!
Deb Watson answered:
They are happy guys - kind of emotional dogs, I think.
demartin asked:
re: animals painted via watercolors. Love your style and techniques. You capture their personality.
Deb Watson answered:
Thank you! I think capturing the personality is the most important part of painting a pet.