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Painting With Acrylics

Learn acrylic painting techniques from the experts and you'll be well on your way to a masterpiece.


How to Use Acrylic Paint

Ready to get started on your own paintings? Start by learning a few basics, including the materials you'll need, how to set up your work station and a few expert tips.

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Love Landscapes?

You can easily learn techniques that will help you achieve more expressive and vibrant landscapes with a few of our favorite online video classes.


Go Green

Check out our free guide to painting trees and instantly create better looking landscapes.

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Techniques for Acrylics

Need to brush up on some basics? Check out our blog for free guides to fundamental techniques.

Paint Application

Looking for new ways to make your work stand out? We've got over a dozen painting techniques for you to try.

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Color Mixing

Smart color mixing can make or break a painting. Read on for 11 tips, techniques and hacks to help you create just the right hue.

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