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Taught by Rhéni Tauchid
Online Class

The Texture Toolbox: Acrylic Medium Magic

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Acrylic paints can yield beautiful results, but you open up a whole new world when you start playing with mediums. Join mixed media painter Rhéni Tauchid and learn how to create enticing and unexpected textures by applying mediums, gels and more to your acrylics. It's a one-of-a-kind texture toolbox!


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 2h28m

Included in this Class

1. Medium Essentials

1. Medium Essentials

Mediums are the real manipulators of acrylic paint -- but which ones do you use when? And how do you combine them with your colors, or with each other? Rhéni Tauchid starts class by helping you identify the different families of acrylic mediums and the functions of each.

2. Grounds

2. Grounds

Grounds are the starting point for a strong and stable acrylic composition! Start the lesson by taking a look at gessoes and modeling pastes, before Rhéni breaks down the tools and techniques for applying them. You'll also explore the way in which new layers are affected by the various grounds.

3. Thin Mediums

3. Thin Mediums

Explore the largest group of acrylic mediums: thin or liquid mediums. Rhéni begins by demonstrating how they can increase the flow and transparency of your colors. Next, use glazing to control color intensity. The lesson ends with some special methods for creating subtle texture.